To the tech gurus. ..

How does one create a new website, especially with an domain. …na msiniambie ni Google i have done that already na si shikanishi.
What does it take. …

You pay a ‘tech guru’ to do it. If they just hand over the information then their education is worthless to them

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Enda search for the name of your intended website…kama utapata Hakuna mtu ashaichukua…Kuna list hapo ya registers…approach any of them to register for you the domain…alafu utafute hosting @highschooler can take it from there

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If google wasnt helpful then thats an indication that u need to pay someone.

But we do have some docs that philanthropically share their expertise here freely. …

Gracious @msalme. …
How much does it cost to get a licensed domain

Msalame has given you the answer. If you are unable to follow or understand then it’s an indication you need to pay someone. Otherwise utakuwa case ya kuita mechanic aketi akikupa instructions while you take a day to process

Sawa boss pewa kimoja

It’s a whole lot of tech crap but let me break it down for you…I used to be a techie back in the day…so Kenic is a private/public body that is the top level .ke registrar…in other words has ndio wana control vile all .ke zitatumika…sasa hio yako is a second level domain…So Kenic charges a standard fee for all second and third level registers whom they license…( that’s the best I can explain) so you as an individual can’t register directly with kenic…lazma utumie hao second level registers from that list…or others like @highschooler or @Web Dev who can give you a good deal…otherwise you can be charged anything Between 4k to infinity depending on whom you approach…other than registering the domain…you have to host it…and develope the website and host it as well…most people who register the domain will host it for you as well…the domain is renewed yearly…and hosting fees are also charged yearly…uliza tu Swali zingine nitakujibu tu

Boss lipa tu mtu wewe. Juu naona hutaelewa hata uwekewe na drip

There’s a dude i was referred to by Wanderi(R.I.P) a few year’s back.Used to work at Kenic and does our company’s website maintenance.If you want,inbox me i hook you up.

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[SIZE=6]What does it mean to host a domain?[/SIZE]


Stop bad bad. …acha mbaya mbaya

Seriously… Like call the domain squad and host them for 3some… Google huwa ni ya nini lakini… After Google u should pray for answers… Trust me.

Kaduda inaleta shida.maswali zingine ha tutaki, it’s like my mom asking anataka website.coomer!

@msalame grace haha wewe mimi siwes msaidia ata hajacreate website bado :slight_smile:

labda .onion ningekusaidia :smiley:


Niwahi hiyo job.