To the married guys saitieko tafasali

So apparently had a nice morning buh something wierd(to me) took place.

Wife woke up earlier than me n by the way her siz is arnd. N to my surprise they had taken a shower together. So mimi kuamka naskia sauti mbili kwa shower. N my tempers rose buh sikuleta show. It really disgusted me. So how should i handle it. Is it normal? Hata kama damu ni mzito hiyo,hiyo imezidi.

Niskie mkiitisha mbisha…nìmùkùina nimùshangashangíte

Hekaya baadaye



sauti za nini, showering wakiongea? wanawake are wierd creatures, they can even cuddle as sisters or hold each other while eating ice cream and watching movies in a dark room. You will never understand them washana nao; now amka uoge uende you watch Football today is super super sunday kuna games moto halafu baadaye ukule mutura na kachumbari and spank the waiter on your way out going back home


Si its not your sister. shag the sister

Nothing wierd just the normal talk

The siz is so effin shaggable but hiyo siwes…i cant kent let my guard down like that.

I would demand a shower threesome, why leave me out of all the fun in my own house?


Got some advice though I am a single guy. Had a similar experience to yours and my reaction was more of excitement than disappointment. lemme kno if you are in need of my two pence.

Nipe maoni…first kind of sight for me

That is strange indeed. Anyway your wife sounds still young and immature. Atazeeka

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Miaka si shida ol monk lakini yawa…its like if i had a bro over n shit like this…heeeeeeellll noo

They like so close mpaka at time some actions drive me nuts…mbele yangu

They even go to washrooms in pairs, ni kama hao hubebeana coomer.



Sina shida but i believe kuna boundaries hata kwa damu

I repeat.[SIZE=6] shag the sister[/SIZE]. She needs some shagging. If you dont you will have let your gaurd down.
That is weird though for them to do in presence of other people. It is inappropriate if there were a child around. Children have near photographic memories

This is not strange for women really. It all depends how close they are with the sister and if they grew up together etc etc. My experience ended up with me shagging the sister to the girl I was with but on a different occasion though she initiated it really. My advice is that you treat it as nothing because it’s nothing. If you want to shag your wife’s sister that is a different matter all together and my advice is that you don’t

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Ukitaka wawe na boundaries then SHAG her, the wife will never allow her near your home

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uko sure ni sis wake biological juu if not be worried. otherwise why dont you just ask her what was happening??

This one is definetely not married…