To the docs in the house

My girlfriend starts sneezing uncontrollably everytime she gets horny. Is there a cure for this or its somekind of a witchdoctors disease? Saidieni.

hehehe maybe she is Allergic to ur dick


He he he he

mwaga in the nose.
it cured mine

Its no laughing matter am starting to get worried.

Our village doctors… Smh!!"

she is allergic to your precum
Koolibah’s njotis 2x2/56

Acha kusumbua madaktari, hayo ni mapepo. @MgangAlchemist saidia huyu.


maybe she is allergic to ur pheromones

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the most scientific explanation so far

u were mwagiliwad in the nose? or its ua galfriend?

Try Cosby’s bag of tricks…



stop having gay(happy) thoughts we are talking about women here

Thats God’s way of giving a heads up…and every other Niccur.

[SIZE=3][SIZE=7]google ni ya nini falai ?? : [/SIZE] [/SIZE]

i bet he knew google exists.
he values the villagers opinion more


Another possible explanation concerns the existence of erectile tissue in the nose, which may become engorged during sexual arousal, triggering a sneeze. wikipedia

You’re girlfriend has a dick in her nose??? :confused:

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unanuka makwapa, makwapa inatoa uvundo

“…that sexually induced sneezing may be genetically determined, and may result from the way the central nervous system is wired:”

"Another possible explanation concerns the existence of [FONT=Arial]THE EXISTENCE OF ERECTILE TISSUE IN THE NOSE[/FONT], which may become engorged during sexual arousal, triggering a sneeze.[FONT=Courier New]"[/FONT]

[FONT=Courier New]Explanations from wikipedia.
I would go with the erectile tissue presence in the nose…[/FONT]

[FONT=Courier New][SIZE=5]Your galfriend needs surgery to remove that erection in her nose…[/SIZE][/FONT]