To My Married Niggaz


Oh mara ‘sweetie naumwa na kichwa’ oh cjui “mgongo nauma” … HAHAHA my married niggaz, you how how it be.



Most men will never admit this, but after year 5 everything goes to hell. As @Ka-Buda says, 'kutombewo bibi huanza after hapa"

every sane man drives vehicle with two spares in case. men like me own two vehicles in case one decides hardstart in the morning and I have to do this and that

I love my wife till death do us part at old age

Dont you mean your husband?

None the less, I love my wife

Hapana tambua dry spell. Not a single day have ever been given an excuse
Ukiona such excuses just know hapo unatombewa bibi

I am married and it’s 5 months since…I am not complaining…Kwani marriage is all about sex

Hahaha 5 months na unaongea? You’re still in the honeymoon phase. Have you ever heard of the 7 year itch? Google it. Wait on it bro, it’s coming.

You’re so right bro. Only experience teaches us …kuambiwa aki mtu haezi believe.

you are still at infancy stage…kaa tu hapo utatuletea hekaya baadae

see your analogy ati hard start :D:D:D:D

Na hawa mamomo ni madimoni sent by evil spirits to mess you !

Mhhh someone once mentioned the 7 year itch to me, now that you brought it up in marriage I must Google it. I am 3 years in marriage with 3 kids already.

Hehe sawa


And you still go around the whole country dry-frying momos?