To men whose baby momma married a wealthier man than you

Do you still support your kid? Does the child still tambua you as the dad? In this era of multiple baby mama’s and daddies, how do lower status men ensure that their kid does not get affected by seeing their step siblings living a better life and going to better schools?

you really need help. you used to intrigue me but seriously find help

If it were to happen,i would continue living my life unbothered as i continue to send whatever it is that i send as upkeep. Also always keeping an open line of communication incase Mtoto anihitaji from time to time, even in his/her adulthood

Help me then Mister.

If you were being honest I would.

Hey @TrumanCapote just concerned about your sanity because the amount of threads you post here on a daily basis is alarming…have you considered seeing a mental health expert, finding a hobby or a partner/friends because you’ve got so much time on your hands but you are using it to criticize to the wrong audience plus u always focus on negative issues and bashing men all the time

Benjamin zulu advised mothers that if they were to introduce new fathers to their children then should help the bond with them and forget about their biological dads to avoid confusing the kids and also told men who marry women with children to take all responsibility in taking care of their new found family because baba ni baba mlezi na sio baba mzazi

Yes. All her threads are about men and money. Ukunguru?

What else do you want me to post about, where to get cheap prostitutes? Mwanaume ni pesa. A man without money is worse than a man without a penis. Ukuguru. Ufisi. Call it what you want. Mimi Enyewe if you are a broke man pole. Hata salamu tuu ya Mungu siezi waste. Enda ukatafute pesa ununue nyumba kwanza. You are wasting crucial time which you can use looking for money to buy a house.

True Dat. Baba ni mlezi. Even Jesus had no biological father so Benjamin Zulu is completely right. Kaa kando ulelewe watoto.

Hate speech ghaseer

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Hahaha. You can’t tell when someone is being sarcastic? Help yourself to leave me alone. Kwani mimi ni mtoto wako? Jipe shughuli if you don’t like what I post.

nilishakujibu georgina