To Men: Just leave married women alone

I am writing this because I just got an email from a buddy who lives in Namibia. He just informed me that a mutual friend just got his arm amputated after doctors attempted in vain to preserve it after a vicious attack left the arm in a terrible state several months ago.

The victim was brutally attacked by an irate husband in the outskirts of Windhoek after the former met the victim in bed with his wife. He also lost one eye.

Over time, I had always warned this dude about the severe repercussions of flirting with married women but, to him, married women tastes ‘sweeter’. He has reaped the ghastly fruits of his delusions.

I always ask men these questions:

a) Do men realise that married women are death traps?

b) Do men realise that , generally, women have been the cause of the downfall of so many men?

There are so many unmarried women. Why don’t men flirt with them? Why risk your life just because of a microsecond of an orgasm?

Next time, before seducing that married woman, ask yourself these questions:

a) Is she worth having your genitals sliced off and living a life of shame?

b) Is she worth having you paraded naked along the streets and having your naked pictures littering the whole of the internet?

c) Is she worth having you disabled for the rest of your life?

d) Is her Pu$$y and few orgasmic seconds worth spending an eternity in hell? Yes, call me judgemental but you aren’t going to be killed when having sex with a married woman and expect you will meet God waiting to hug you. The same with these robbers who die in action. Generic RIPs won’t save you from his wrath.

e) Is her pu$$y worth you leaving your kids without their dad?

f) Is her pu$$y worth condemning your kids to a life of misery?(‘ their dad was killed for sleeping with a married woman’)

g) Is her pu$$y –which, anyway, tomorrow will be food for worms- worth the breaking up of your family and the destabilisation of your kids’ lives?

Some things aren’t even worth a drop of piss. One of them is a married woman. A married woman is a poisonous forbidden fruit. Eat it at your own risk.

Now my buddy has messed up the whole of his life just because of self induced stupidity. Every morning of his life, his amputated hand and missing eye will always remind him that choices have consequences and terrible choices have terrible consequences.


Ever been narrated to or read a story like this ,and then u wonder kwani this jamaa has been reading ua mind…I was about to, this comin valentine, lakini am out the game.


Married women is off limits.apart from physical danger there is also some bad luck associated with the act.hautawai fanikiwa.

Mtu aki repent husamehewa jameni ??

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a no go zone ! facts stated above are real, @crazy utasamehewa but bila balls!!

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Eeeehh…!!!. Nani atabaki na makei yangu ??

I have a buddy of mine who humps them lik he got a contract to do so…:(:eek:

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@Chiefkiumbe, kindly saidia kabla mtu akatwe ninios ama apigwe shoka ya Kichwa.

Always talk to him ,lakini analia wao ndio hujipe…

Hehe…unajua a man wont forgive anyone for doing his wife. Lakini beef kubwa ni with the itchy wife. A man will probably attack you at that moment he catches you, but not go after you unless he is your friend. Lakini he will feel like the woman has handed down the biggest lasting insult and honest negative opinion.

This came timely. Man there are these two women who have been sending me nudes bana… middle of the day, whatsapp naskia , kufungua siezi amini what i see! One wanted me to make her a baby ati she likes my genes am smart,handsome bla bla bla… I will never get an erection for these bitches whatsoever again.

Married women ni kucheza na moto.

For jealousy arouses a husband’s fury, and he will show no mercy when he takes revenge…proverbs 6.34 nuff said

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Forbidden fruit tastes sweetest!!:smiley:

@tugi wewe sema sweetest tu, na unaona hata Bibilia inatambua hiyo hasira hapo juu.

Pia hapa ----> Proverbs 6:28-29 “Can one walk on hot coals, and his feet not be seared? So is he who goes in to his neighbor’s wife; whoever touches her shall not be innocent.”


I was once dry frying a woman of someone, but they are not legally married, they just stay together, does that count as a married woman?

Wht is “legally marriage” first of all,

@dranya, After yatakayo kupata ndio tutakupa jibu…

@statham Heh heh!Kama mbaya mbaya!Bibi yako ni saa zile mko na yeye!However i respect the word of God na shetani ashindwe kwa kua na fikra chafu!