Nobody assaults a lady this much and then give an excuse of trying to help her board a bike home, by removing her clothes. Especially this pic av seen her adjusting her pants, ilitokaje kwani?

[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]“Photos of a group of men believed to be Gor Mahia fans (dressed in the club’s official jersey), dragging a female fan to a bush a few metres outside the stadium have surfaced online. Some sources indicate that the men allegedly raped the female fan and dumped her while others claim that the men were just trying to help the lady, who provoked them, to get a motorbike home. We are not sure if these claims are true or not. But the club is yet to break its silence on the matter.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

[ATTACH=full]52225[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]52226[/ATTACH] NEVA, HAWA WATU WANG’OLEWE ENGINE if possible…

Ulikua wapi hii ikipostiwa jana na juzi.

but si unaona iko developments…they were only helping her board a boda after she provoked them…they are so kind they assist those who provoke them…

Shuku mwoman anavaa biker for a panty.

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two explanations have cropped up




the woman is to blame?


No but i can tell u for free ladies who wear bikers instead of kawa pannies si wazuri morally

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D talk about spins!


Jaluo ni jaluo tu.
Expect the most outrageous statements from them about anything and everything.


sadness of men with small penises

sadness of life…

Why not just condemn the heinous act instead of trying to pull the victim and discrimination card.
hata kama mnajaribu kutudanganya Ni mpango ama anakojoa she shouldn’t be dehumanized

Kama Ng’ombe inakula mahindi ya kwao shida iko wapi. waja mali ikulane


Victim-shaming is not cool.

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Wangekaa chini and agree to one story

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They could have had the lady come out and release one story… Koffi Olomide style

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who said firefighting is easy? especially when you have too many variables (loose canons) making their own independent decisions in a fluid situation…



The only problem with human beings is that we are mostly myopic. Spin the story as much as you like but one day it might just be your daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, MWK being escorted by a crowd of men to pee in a ditch or protecting her from ‘mob justice’ or responding to provocation like ‘gentlemen’ would do.

Mimi mtu aguze mtu wangu ataishi the rest of his sorry life on a wheel chair.


kwani unapendanga kubwa…very gay of you

I wish I had a small penis like yours