To Kenyan women who love Nigerians LISTEN

This lady seems to have read Emanuel Amos lies

Si sangoma is south african

There’s no lie. I will get you clips from mainstream Nigerian news about how Nigerians themselves are being sacrificed. I’ve been posting them here. Somebody pretend to be a witchdoctor then when you go to them for your problems to be sorted, they sacrifice you. There’s a church which had buried a mother and her baby in the foundation of the church. There are cults that kill people with stones I’ve forgotten the name for you. I will copy paste for you ujionee na macho. Uniambie kama watu wa news pia wanasoma Emmanuel Eni.

I know maybe you visited brothels so you don’t want to believe that someone can kill you through sexual intercourse. I know many girls who slept with a mzungu once and the guy is in another continent and sends them money every month. So many girls in Nairobi are surviving that way though they go to Coast or TZ. Stop sleeping around. One day you will meet the wrong person and that’s how your life will be over in a giffy, literally or figuratively. Upote. Ufungwe. You slave for someone until you are old.

Being made for concoction made of a child’s powder is a fact. Google witchcraft markets in Mali. They sell babies hands, skull, human body parts to make talisman and concoctions so huyu mama she’s totally speaking about what is there.

Lemme assure you that life is 90% spiritual and 10% physical.

Brothel is international so… Btw in Naija there different levels of witchdoctor. Small, small ndio yeye anaitwa sangoma. Kuna wengine huitwa baba wala. They have built serious shrine ziko mpaka na makaburi ndani ya msitu deep. I will look for you one ilibomolewa after they were nabbed trying to sacrifice some customers a couple who had gone, phone signal led police there.

You are on denial, it is much more than what she says in Nigeria and wider west africa

But it is used everywhere. Even in corporate world and court rooms. Only God can save us.

This business of believing in witchcraft is so yesterday.

Truman Kapoti alifyetuka kichwa kitambo.She believes in three things in this world:
1.All men are evil.
2.She can murder a man and get away with it.
3.Only Enigma can put his uncut mjuols in her ass for her to moan with pleasure.

You need to understand this Kenyan women love money n the Nigerians are the biggest tricks n the game. Wanalipa amount any fem anaitisha