TO BOXING FANS (Local) Commonwealth 4u

[ATTACH=full]9562[/ATTACH] On Friday 31st of July 2015, Kenya’s James Onyango and Patrick Atuhairwe will battle it out for the commonwealth Africa Welterweight Championship Title at Nyayo Stadium. This will be the first time that a Commonwealth Boxing Title is being held in the country(Kenya).
Sarah Achieng and Everline Odero will be brawling for a National Title Fight as they display their unique styles.
In total their will be 4 fights from 6PM at Nyayo National Stadium (Basketball Court).

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You’ve left out very important info’

DAMAGE ni ngapi??


@Mundu Mulosi n @4makind Damage ni 500bob kuingia, its on the poster (ENTRY 500KES) come we support our boxers, me niko Team Onyi n Sara

ION …those heavy weights Brothers “klitschko” lost their titles.

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They lost to who, I thought Vitali retired with the Belt and Vladimir is still champ of around 3belts and next fight might be against Dontey Weilder.

since i saw a doc on arturo gatti vs micky ward i somehow became a fan of this sport…