To Bae or not To Bae

In my ups and downs through the interwebs, I stumbled upon an article concerning the average millennial couple, or so it seemed. The news item was a shocker and it really sent the cogs in my medulla turning. It’s really sad, ukiwa na shida and you turn to the soul that you hold closest akusaidie and they go ahead and send you on a f-d up path.

Anyway, check this out and start vetting the company you keep.
[SPOILER=Long ass convo]

[SIZE=6]The text messages that led up to teen’s suicide[/SIZE]
By Paul LeBlanc, CNN

Updated 1729 GMT (0129 HKT) June 16, 2017

[SIZE=4][paste:font size=“5”][/SIZE]

found guilty Friday of involuntary manslaughter in a case largely built on text messages she sent urging her 18-year-old boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to commit suicide in July 2014 by inhaling carbon monoxide in his pickup truck.

Defense attorney Joseph Cataldo talks to Michelle Carter in court.
“This court has found that Carter’s actions and failure to act where it was her self-created duty to Roy since she put him in that toxic environment constituted reckless conduct,” Bristol County Juvenile Court Judge Lawrence Moniz said. “The court finds that the conduct caused the death of Mr. Roy.”

Roy aspired to be a tugboat captain and would be alive if not for Carter’s actions, Bristol Assistant District Attorney Katie Rayburn said. He had been trying to better himself, and “we all wish he had the opportunity,” to grow up, she said.
Carter was tried as a juvenile because she was 17 at the time of the crime.
Here are some of the messages, as outlined in court documents.

[SIZE=4]June 19, 2014[/SIZE]
Here, Carter urges Roy to seek medical help for his suicidal thoughts.
Carter: “But the mental hospital would help you. I know you don’t think it would but I’m telling you, if you give them a chance, they can save your life”
Carter: “Part of me wants you to try something and fail just so you can go get help”
Roy: “It doesn’t help. Trust me”
Carter: “So what are you gonna do then? Keep being all talk and no action and everyday go thru saying how badly you wanna kill yourself? Or are you gonna try to get better?”
Roy: “I can’t get better I already made my decision.”
[SIZE=4]June 23, 2014[/SIZE]
In this exchange, Carter discourages Roy from harming himself.
Carter: “How do you want to harm yourself”
Roy: “Something idkk yet”
Carter: “Please don’t”
Roy: “I hate myself I’ll always hate myself, I’m never gonna view myself as good I’m so far behind”
Carter: “What is harming yourself gonna do!? Nothing! It will make it worse!”
Roy: “Make the pain go away like you said”
Carter: “It will make the pain go away temporarily, but when you’re done, you’ll just regret it and feel even worse!”
[SIZE=4]July 7, 2014[/SIZE]
Here, Carter tells Roy how she would handle his situation.
Roy: " If you were in my position. honestly what would you do"
Carter: “I would get help. That’s just me tho. When I have a serious problem like that my first instinct is to get help because I know I can’t do it on my own”
Later that day, however, Carter and Roy discuss the best way for him to produce carbon monoxide (CO).
Carter: “Well there’s more ways to make CO. Google ways to make it. . . "
Roy: “Omg”
Carter: “What”
Roy: “portable generator that’s it”
[SIZE=4]July 8, 2014[/SIZE]
The next day Roy seems less resolute.
Carter: “So are you sure you don’t wanna [kill yourself] tonight?”
Roy: “What do you mean am I sure?”
Carter: “Like, are you definitely not doing it tonight?”
Roy: “Idk yet I’ll let you know”
Carter: “Because I’ll stay up with you if you wanna do
it tonight”
Roy: " Another day wouldn’t hurt”
Carter: “You can’t keep pushing it off, tho, that’s all you keep doing”
[SIZE=4]July 11, 2014[/SIZE]
On this day Carter sends Roy her opinion about using a generator in the truck, as opposed to a water pump.
Carter: “…Well in my opinion, I think u should do the generator because I don’t know much
about the pump and with a generator u can’t fail”
[SIZE=4]July 4-12, 2014[/SIZE]
This series of messages was sent over a span of nine days. The ---- indicates a pause between conversations.
Carter: “You’re gonna have to prove me wrong because I just don’t think you really want this. You just keeps pushing it off to another night and say you’ll do it but you never do”

Carter: “SEE THAT’S WHAT I MEAN. YOU KEEP PUSHING IT OFF! You just said you were gonna do it tonight and now you’re saying eventually. . . .”

Carter: “But I bet you’re gonna be like ‘oh, it didn’t work because I didn’t tape the tube right or something like that’ . . . I bet you’re gonna say an excuse like that”

Carter: “Do you have the generator?”
Roy: “not yet lol”

Carter: “You better not be bull sh*ting me and saying you’re gonna do this and then purposely get caught”
[SIZE=4]July 11-12, 2014[/SIZE]
Overnight and into the next morning, Roy shares concerns over how his parents would handle his suicide.
Roy: “I’m just to sensitive. I want my family to know there was nothing they could do. I am entrapped in my own thoughts”
Roy: “like no I would be happy if they had no guilt about it. because I have a bad feeling tht this is going to create a lot of depression between my parents/sisters”
Roy: “i’m overthinking everything. . f**k. I gotta stop and just do it”
Carter: “I think your parents know you’re in a really bad place. Im not saying they want you to do it, but I honestly feel like they can accept it. They know there’s nothing they can do, they’ve tried helping, everyone’s tried. But there’s a point that comes where there isn’t anything anyone can do to save you, not even yourself, and you’ve hit that point and I think your parents know you’ve hit that point. You said you’re mom saw a suicide thing on your computer and she didn’t say anything. I think she knows it’s on your mind and she’s prepared for it”
Carter: Everyone will be sad for a while, but they will get over it and move on. They won’t be in depression I won’t let that happen. They know how sad you are and they know that you’re doing this to be happy, and I think they will understand and accept it. They’ll always carry u in their hearts"

Roy: “i don’t want anyone hurt in the process though”
Roy: “I meant when they open the door, all the carbon monoxide is gonna come out they can’t see it or smell it. whoever opens the door”
Carter: “They will see the generator and know that you died of CO. . . .”

Roy: “hey can you do me a favor”
Carter: “Yes of course”
Roy: “just be there for my family :)”
Carter: “Conrad, of course I will be there for your family. I will help them as much as I can to get thru this, ill tell them about how amazing their son/brother truly was”

Roy: “Idk I’m freaking out again”
Roy: I’m overthinking"
Carter: “I thought you wanted to do this. The time is right and you’re ready, you just need to do it! You can’t keep living this way. You just need to do it like you did last time and not think about it and just do it babe. You can’t keep doing this every day”
Roy: “I do want to. but like I’m freaking for my family. I guess”
Roy: “idkkk”
Carter: “Conrad. I told you I’ll take care of them. Everyone will take care of them to make sure they won’t be alone and people will help them get thru it. We talked about this, they will be okay and accept it. People who commit suicide don’t think this much and they just do it”
[SIZE=4]July 12, 2014[/SIZE]
In these exchanges on the day before his body was found, Roy expresses more hesitation about his plan.
Carter: “So I guess you aren’t gonna do it then, all that for nothing”
Carter: “I’m just confused like you were so ready and determined”
Roy: “I am gonna eventually”
Roy: “I really don’t know what I’m waiting for. . but I have everything lined up”
Carter: “No, you’re not, Conrad. Last night was it. You keep pushing it off and you say you’ll do it but u never do. Its always gonna be that way if u don’t take action”
Carter: “You’re just making it harder on yourself by pushing it off, you just have to do it”
Carter: “Do u wanna do it now?”
Roy: “Is it too late?”
Roy: “Idkk it’s already light outside”
Roy: I’m gonna go back to sleep, love you I’ll text you tomorrow"
Carter: “No? Its probably the best time now because everyone’s sleeping. Just go somewhere in your truck. And no one’s really out right now because it’s an awkward time”
Carter: “If u don’t do it now you’re never gonna do it”
Carter: “And u can say you’ll do it tomorrow but you probably won’t”

Carter: “You just need to do it Conrad or I’m gonna get you help”
Carter: “You can’t keep doing this everyday”
Roy: “Okay I’m gonna do it today”
Carter: “Do you promise”
Roy: “I promise babe”
Roy: “I have to now”
Carter: “Like right now?”
Roy: “where do I go? :(”
Carter: "And u can’t break a promise. And just go in a quiet parking lot or something.


milenial inakuwanga nini


Watu wamezaliwa between 1982 - 2000

Sounds like euthanasia to me. She assisted in killing someone who was obviously suffering mental anguish. Plus the sissy kept whining about wanting to kill himself. At some point you gotta put up or shut up, amiright?

Hehe. Well, she was found guilty, not because of those texts leading up to the day but the one she sent on the d-day. It came a point where she told the guy to get back in the truck for the CO to kick in. Euthanasia is entitled to medics, hii ni downright evil. Anyway, anakula miaka mbao from next month.

hapana! millenial ni meffi!
1975-1990 : excellent species
1991-date: shida tupu zaidi

Hapo miaka mbao wameonea mtoto wa wenyewe. Let’s just look at this issue critically. If that boy who killed himself had survived that suicide attempt, would they have charged him with attempted murder? I think they’d have given him all the psychiatric help he needed. So why are they charging her with manslaughter if they’d never charge the actual perpetrator with attempting to kill himself? Maybe she’s just as fucked up in the brain as he was.
The girl tried her best to urge him to seek help. It’s only when he insisted on taking his own life that she decided “you know what? Fuck it, let’s do this.”

that guy is a sissy, together with those who think dieing and leaving the rest of us here solves problems.

ile rungu kubwa ya maasai iko na bolt kubwa kwa kichwa.

dieing ??

20 years? Jamaa alijiua mwenyewe

There is no time she asked him to seek help, from the texts, she just pushed to commit suicide. There is a time the guy had decided not to but she kept pushing him.

Before I go, hii niliona before…

Ama wacha tu.

Yes sir. Are you by any chance suicidal today?

She was kind to him. Mimi ata ningemsaidia na nimfunge kamba kwa shingo just in case he survives the carbon monoxide aende kabisa asizalishe

Hizo ni first world problems…sisi huku Kayole/Kibera nikuomba ngeus nudes… Hatuna time ya kutengeneza Carbon monoxide. Hata hiyo generator itatoka wapi kwanza ?