To all of Jubilee

Just ignore the devil. But when they become unbearable, only one trick wins over them:- just remind them of their future!
2017? Done and dusted!
2022? The seedlings look O so healthy, the harvest will be bumper!
Tuko pamoja!

do take care of their feelings. si you know they can’t take hard stuff…we must manage their frustration so it doesn’t turn to anger and destructiveness…

Tuko Pamoja

Jana I walked out of a pub after a JaKuonist read me his epistle on Kenyan politics off his phone, then launched into how ‘Rayila’ had brought us a new IEBC.

The guy had totally no idea that Stormy Mondays more or less sealed JaKuon’s fate. Jubilee is preparing to go to war under referees JaKuon cannot fault.

I really want to support Jubilee but they’ve let us down in terms of fighting corruption. People in the “inner circle” are stealing openly yet they go unpunished even when there’s clear evidence. Creating a just and fair system is one of the pillars that makes a country truly great, not these numerous pork projects to hoodwink people that all is well. We’re creating unjust billionaires while leaving millions behind living in abject poverty. UK has been a huge disappointment in this regard.

When Obama became president of the USA we Kenyans were more excited than niggers in the states. Kenya was so joyful that they made a public holiday. End of the day hakuna kitu tulifaidika nayo.Marra of fact Obama’s first tour to Africa was in Ghana. Nigga even showed us more madharau by visiting neibouring Tz instead of Kenya.

My point is u may celebrate that yr tribemate is the president but hakuna kitu atakusaidia nayo… U are here dissing Rao ati jakuon or baboun but that Rao una diss has access to state hse that even hardcore jubilee politicians don’t have.

Mara ngapi Unaona Uhuru hugging Rao Ama greets him ile za lost buddy.

Think about that peasants

in your opinion sir, how can jubilee fight the runaway devolved corruption in county governments led by pro cord governors??

oya chokosh, osha matacore za tunyanya kimya kimya! politricks za kenya huwezani nazo msee!
ukishindwa pia unaweza enda kwa blaze akupasulie mayai kwa mkunduste utulie… meffi


That doesnt change the fact that he is a sore loser and a tyrant.ata akihug transformer who cares.babuon meffi

As president, UK has a powerful mandate to lead the country by example. Leadership starts at the top. If the ruling government had a zero tolerance policy to corruption everyone else would tow the line. But this is Kenya where anything goes.

Tuko pamoja. Jachieth aende akikaukaga

that doesnt answer my question sir…

Insult me all u want bt if Railas relative for example needs a job that requires uhurus help he will get it after Raila asks for that favor.

Wewe na shining eyes zako ukipiga simu state hse ati uko zile za harro mutongoria…Simu inakatwa na unakuwa blocked

Delegate 001 ameingia

What has he done to corrupt pro jubilee governors or even CS

Nyeri, Embu, Kirinyaga are not led by Cord governors.

Slept well and early, now in full colours for Jubilee Party launch at Kasarani and Manchester Derby after Lunch. I have never seen Kasarani this beautiful and you can feel the excitement from home-local-town-Thika road-Kasarani. History is been made today again and i will see it live.

hiyo ni yako midget chokosh,MY PARTY,MY CHOICE

Nyeri is NOT A TNA area

We are talking of coalitions here. It is not a Cord zone either.