To All Night Runners And Guys Who Do Freelance Work On The Net

I need to send a proposal and quote for some design work, nani ako na template asaidie maskini ya mungu
@Lola- yuko wapi


uliza huyo mtoi ako kwa profile pic yako…kanajifanyaga kajua sana

@Lola- kuja hapa kuna night runner anakuulizia


Niko nayo lakini lazima u buy blackforest nilifeel poa

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Design ya nini? Cards ama biz profile?

its engineering

let me make you a deal, if it goes thru, or I get another invite to send a quote, utapata both black and white forest

contact me

@shocks and @Lola- while at it. Does anyone of you know how i can have my Odesk account reactivated (That’s if you are using Odesk/ Upwork platform). This suckers suspended my account like 6 months ago in the middle of a contract that i was working under. Now, i can’t access my money and i cannot bid anymore. All effort to have the account activated have proved futile. Worse still, i signed up a new one on Elance and Odesk (now Upwork) apparently have bought Elance. Not sure if they will merge the contractors databases on both platform. If this is to happen, my life as freelancer is done.

Are those outsourcing services sites? I would be interested in doing some work. Any help/recommendation of sites that you can give me?

pole, no idea as I don’t own either a/c