To all Jesus and Bible haters in this platform go fuck yourselves

That clique that does not love Jesus Christ and the Bible and they have deep resentment for God and anything God affiliated go fuck yourselves.
Bonoboism is atheism.
It is stupidity sugarcoated as wisdom.
Besides God there is no knowledge

wow, such conspicuous display of christian love!!


Should instead have said “atheism is bonoboism”.

Good observations Reverent

:D:Djust like they did jesus and the cross


Bible is chieth…It was written solely by humans in an ignorant, superstitious, and cruel time. It is not based on reason or logic…Bible = Chieth 

:D:D:D Christians are supposed to emulate the son of God. See how you treat strangers…?
Just like the pharisees…

Thus Spoke Goliath

Can’t hate something i don’t believe in…

At least none of you little shitheads can prove of his inexistence.

If you were born in India you would be swearing by Ganesh, If you were born in China Buddha would be your supreme being. Saudi Arabia and Mohamed would be your Master.

Jesus is a factious character copied from Egypt’s Horus.

Shove your opinion Up you ass


The white man taught you to love Jesus while he simultaneously enslaved and raped your ancestors

[SIZE=7]basi explain whatever you see below[/SIZE]


It’s garbage.

what about this



Too many similarities.
Heard of Mulungu
Or better Nyasae?

Jesus himself has nothing to do with slavery, see his name has been desecrated by evil despots from time to time.
Remember white supremacists identity themselves with the Bible. Even Hitler identity himself with the Bible but the atrocities these people met on people they deem not their kind proves they are far from the Bible. As of slavery in the ancient world even Africans enslaved their own…it was normal even Europeans enslaved their own look at the Roman and the Jews and the barbarians…