to all game of thrones fans

christmas has come early…4 episodes have leaked so far
hurry while stocks last
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Will the creators of this show ever benefit from its proceeds saw on cnn that its the most pirated show of all time cant wait

the hackers plan to leak all 8 episodes by tomorrow…its a shame really but if you cant beat them join them…will be seeding this for two weeks

I’ve already read the 5 novels. I don’t need leaked episodes

i watch if for the titties which you cant see in a novel

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piracy itauwa film industry .

yeah from their target markets juu huko kuna strict piracy laws

join them aje yawa? watoe episodes zao for free?

So apparently the leaked episodes were screeners sent to reviewers… Game of thrones is way to big to be hyped by reviews. Hapa HBO walijikaranga kwa mafuta yao

This is very unfortunate. I watch the show and can imagine all the revenue that has been lost as a result of this leak. The show is the biggest currently, shot in a multitude of countries with over a thousand screen cast, over a whole year alafu this happens. If you saw the clip they released and January ‘a day in the life of GOT’ you’d understand

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Ebu niask, hii ndio dame fulani anaitwa Kalisi alikuwa analea dragons akachape ma kingdoms akue queen?

Yeah na ako very dryfryable(sp)

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too bad she doesn’t do nude scenes any more…what a waste

one of the best series after ‘sons of anarchy’

Stil not seen it, my next option ni torrents hope theme ni same

apana. hii. ni ile starring Lexington

nah,the same aint the same,as the name suggests,sons of anarchy is all abt modern gang member related crimes and loyalty.

From what ive read online, they are deviating from the novels somewhat. Plus since the 6th book isnt out and doesnt look like it will be this year, better get pirating son

BEST DESCRIPTION OF GOT EVER! they should put this on the bluray box