Title deeds Notification

Morning guys. The title deeds for the projects below are out. For those who have bought land with us or wish to buy land from us, remember we offer visits to the plots everyday. Pssst… There are new plots along Namanga road, touching tarmac; near UMMA university. They are selling for 2 milln KEs. I don’t have the pictures in this device, but feel free to enquire me about them via the numbers in this notification. Have an awesome day.


@AnthonyWaweru siku hizi umedivedsify


@drkerePHD, @KIJANAHOT , @D1cktator_ndo_mimi etc. Ni zake pia

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Huyu ni D. Mungai

Alitesa @Nyonganexol_Monkane akiumwa na macende banae , akamsanya pesa na kumtishia like nonsense na Jamaa saa hizo ako na pituitary glands problemo

Si mko na imagination! Ndio nimekuwa kijiji lakini I am none of who you are mentioning here, otherwise ningekuwa naogopa kujidox. Shindeni fiti though. Leo naenda Syokimau. Mwenye ako area aseme.

I hate that phrase ati “Touching tarmac” I generally dislike biashara ya maplot but that phrase especially gets me riled up

How else can it be described when it’s literally touching the road reserve?