Title deed loan

Hey everyone
If you need a loan between 1M and 50M against a title deed I got you

I smell Loan sharks[ATTACH=full]316602[/ATTACH]

It is always a new villager.

Na loan ya simu je, imeisha charge lakini iko poa.

Second handle…

kuna mtu ako about kupoteza shamba

How long to get a loan against a title? And what are your repayment interest rates?

3weeks, 3% interest rate

If you’re interested please let me know. Make enquiries and ask for more information before you decide this is a scam.


Tupe uhondo kamili.Whats the interest? Period?

Interest is 3%, payable within 3-5yrs depending on the agreed period of time

Ask any questions you may have

What interest do you charge?


This is good! Is it per month or per year?

Per year

Perfect…zile za per month ni ukora

Someone might actually get the help they need to develop themselves through this. Don’t assume everything is a scam.

Leta details i’m inerested