Tired of the GYM??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

It’s a facade that revolves in the minds of the young and old that fitness has to do with a gym.
I have a challenge for you.

Your body
2:The right attitude

Let’s do this.

In the next 25 yrs or so, hitting the gym will be so old school, and a health hazard.

Do what?

Nini husumbua hawa NV? Mtu hawez kakaa kwa kijiji apige lap kadhaa at least ajue streets hukaa vipi ndio at least aanze nyef nyef??

Yeah let’s do this

This aminofitin only has whey protein and minerals. Those ingredients will never give you such results in that short time…unless there are ingredients not being mentioned. Be very weary of such products guys. Bodybuilding must have workouts as a major pillar. The whole essence of bodybuilding is to force your body to adapt to physical stress,which comes with pleasant aesthetic side effects.