Tired of betamaleship.

I am 26yrs old and for some reason, I have had poor experiences with the women that I have been interested in They have either been damaged or attention whores, They are hot and fun but no good.
I don’t seem to do well in the asshole and manipulative department because I’m not a mean spirited or evil natured person, I try my absolute best to be good and honest.
A lesson to offer here: When the deal is so fucking awesome, think twice niggah.
the attached photo is of a certain bitch whom I picked at makongeni,Thika. she’s good for nothing,bure kabisa,i wish I knew. She squirted all over my mattress. These bitches have no pleasures to give, they are just good in the looking, that’s all men, nothing else. I thought you should know[ATTACH=full]341663[/ATTACH]

Wewe hii yako ni labda umerogwa na watu wa kwenyu

why don’t you get yourself a good kalenjin girl mwenye anaenda kanisa AIC?

why do you think that kalenjin women are different?

squirters are boring at times utashinda ukigeuza mattress hadi lini?

Have you considered that you’re prolly interested in the “wrong” type of broads


Number inbox. I’m looking for a squirter

Beta chieth male

Your too picky for a guy whose not marrying.
Endelea kutafuta the perfect woman ni kama hauna flaws mwenyewe…anyway keep things simple…fuck, fuck again for confirmation and one last time just for the fun of it then karura…coz at 26 i can tell you huja experience the complete spectrum of messed up women…sawa?..you aint seen nothing yet.

I read this somewhere hapa kwa kijiji
"alafu mtu aseme ame squirt…amekojoa mkojo ingine deep yellow kama shati za mkamba " :smiley:

Hii Kijiji hukuwa na certified mad people.


:D:D:D:D aic? Mzito! Wueh! Wacha kupotosha kijana.

All women squirt it’s just a matter of knowing how or which position makes them do it but mostly it’s positions …also squirt is just unprocessed urine


@Mbeta meo kuja

:smiley: funny thread

Kila mtu akule kwao

Alafu akue anavalia bata ngoma they worship you like eswatini king