Tipsy rant

I can’t say this anywhere else and so let me vent here where anonymity is afforded to me.
Something happened at my workplace and we had to backdate participation in departments we’d gone through in the past 6 months. (Ka hujaelewa, well…).
So, I worked with a man who I unintentionally found very attractive. He’s brilliant and so humble about it. He was one of my bosses and married. I was there for 3 weeks and I avoided any encounter with him, successfully.
Now, i’m back there. I’m working with him on a daily basis. I have to stand there in front of him, next to him. Most of the time he directs questions, advice and much needed knowledge my way and I avoid looking him in the eye. ( can never look someone i’m attracted to in the eye- one of my weaknesses).
Anyway, shida ni, i’m disgusted at myself for feeling such a pull to a married man, so I somehow end up being standoffish and aloof to him. Which is good. At first he was really talkative and friendly, now he’s all business. Which helps me keep my shit. 2 more weeks around this man and counting… then it’ll be over.


Hey njagiri, that woman deserves a medal.

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Safisha sisi mecho tuone kama atapenda pia what he sees…:D:D:D


wacha akukamue utulie

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Strong possibility he figured it out. If he did he’s a gentleman for not going down that route. Standoffishness and general awkwardness are usually a giveaway.

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Plot twist. That man is uncle Uwes:D:D


Just tell him how you are feeling then he gives you his answer then you relax otherwise you will stay like that thinking he feels the same but not.There is a girl i used to have a crush on in our estate many years ago.Since she used to talk to me.People thought she was my girlfriend.But she wasn’t.Then after sometime i started developing feelings for her.Then one day i decided to tell her.The answer i was given i’ll never forget.Full hekaya coming soon.Nilotoka kwa gate yao nikiwa nimekunja mkia hivi.



Further plot twist: @Uwesmakei finds you not fat enough…


Unlikely. I don’t warm up to people that fast and this trait is emphasised when i’m attracted to someone.

No way. We don’t run in the same circles.

Pewa Kigongi kwa bathroom stall.

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I’d rather move on from those disastrous feelings thinking that he doesn’t feel the same. Maze he’s married AND he’s my boss… Acha nikate kiu somewhere else.

I’m not.



Fungua roho mapema.Otherwise the longer you stay you might start having stress.

hekaya tapasali man

Good, Keep keeping your distance. that’s just life, you’re going to be having encounters with other attractive married men in the future. You’re just going to have to be a good girl, maintain an impasse and have self control.

Married people are a no go ma’am Just don’t spoil another womans man.If you are one hot lass then he might decide to sample you…don’t do it. You can always find other men who fit your likes out here…keep your feelings to yourself.


Don’t mis lead the young bird. she will regret not making a move all her life.