Tips of being an alpha male

Being beta sucks manze nipewe tips za kuwa alpha male

if you’re asking you already know

Uliza mwaga ndani

Alpha is a mindset not a demographic… Alpha is as alpha does stick around and pick a pen and paper

-Work your ass hard and become a millionaire by 28 years.

  • invest like you will live forever.
  • never chase after women and pleasure
  • marry at 38 years


start by some grammar classes first

Being alpha is a mindset. Lakini kuacha scarcity mindset is a good place to start.

Polycarp Igathe has been destroyed by this kind of advice. He has money but can’t command any respect of those around him.

Mjeshi, are you alpha?

Apha is a mindset and yeah am not really 100% but am around 68% but i will get there killing beta is not an easy task!

Use your real handle @Mzee mzima a.ka. mzee amina…mwanaume mzima unafirwa matako wtf…this exposee made you change handle
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HAHAHAHAHA Unataka kulia?



Mtu ni kushake kinyambis tu

Amina…amina…let me not call you the third time…:D:D:D:D:D[ATTACH=full]275192[/ATTACH]

Come clear what can’t he exactly do?