Tinder Hottie

Elders, there’s this chic i’ve been vibing on tinder but I suspect she is using a socialite’s photos or impersonating someone. So those who do image reverse search, where has this been “lifted” from? Tuchanuane wadau.


Apana danganya elders, hii whale iko kwa ngoma ya sean kingston, one away

It’s a genuine question you uncultured swine

Just watched the video na wallahi ni yeye, damn. Streets ni baridi.

Same person

Lanye walihamia Instagram. Siku hizi huko kumejaa lanye ugly ,old and worn out Wa downtown.

Kitu swafi

wewe ndio gunia wiki hii:D:D:D:D

here is some cornea transplant for you

kuja tewnde pale manjesta tukamkague:D:D:D:D

you are just a fool

Ata screenshot za chat hakuna???

You have been catfished by Waitherero from Gachie posing as a cute Instagram model on Tinder ?? :D:D. The real girl from the pictures you posted is actually a Jamaican model/upcoming artiste . Forget about your tinder crush, nunua Vaseline ya kutosha and then go ahead and quench your thirst on her Instagram because that is the closest you will get to meeting this girl:D:D https://www.instagram.com/jadakingdom/?hl=en


Lakini si we all know the number of women that thick in Nairobi.Dryspell tu ndio huletelea ninjas.

Wacha hizo na jamaa ashatuma fare


Hiyo fare ni ya huyu dare