Timmy TDat x Otille Brown

Is this a hit ? It sounds like a hit. Should be a hit.


Wembe ni ule ule.

Timmydat jamaneni huimba nini:D:D:Dafadhali ata niskize uwes na escapades zake za momo kuliko timmychieth



Worst song I’ve ever listened to… Otile Brown got nice vocals… He made the wrong move on this one… I couldn’t bare listening to it…

whats with the moaning every 5 sec nikama anaingiwa?

Izo ni zile random songs unaskianga ukikata maji kwa club… Then sahii Ndio najiuliza nishawai iskia wapi?

Haitosi mboga… Not a big tune!

the reason why many people hukimbilia gospel huku kenya apart from the fact they get to perform in weddings is evident on the comments.
Critics everywhere, but nobody ever critisizes gospel since ‘‘ni za God’’ but most of them are very shitty. Anyway wacha nipatie hii song ya timmy a 7 (wat the hell i like it)

Yeah Kenyans will criticize local pop for being light on lyrics or other bs excuses yet they will gladly celebrate catchy nonsense from every other place.
70% of comments on most Kenyan songs on YT is “criticism”.

Its about time we celebrate our bs and our shitty lyrics. I would listen to this before I even think of listening to naija music.