Timing belt and check engine light

I recently replaced my timing belt and aftwards I noticed that the check engine light comes on intermittently. Anyone with an insight on what the problem might be and the solution? The car is a toyota allion 2008 model 2000cc valve matic.

Unatumia timing chain chief. Mbona ulitoa??

run a diagnosis (computer check) to find other errors if any…
as far as i know the check engine light shows for many reasons and could not be construed only to the fact that you changed the timing belt/chain.

if no error codes from diagnosis ,check the petrol lid if its tight and not letting air to the gas tank.

Also open the battery terminals for a few minutes and check if the light is still showing…

this is always the first step. do this then bring the results. we’ll be able to help you from there.

Thanks lot. I have checked the petrol lid and tightened it and also disconnected the battery terminals for about half an hour then reconnected. It has worked. Much gratitude.

It has worked like magic. Thanks alot for the help.

if all fails cover check engine light with some black electrical tape and live in blissful denial !


This is rare hapa…yaani wamekusaidia bila hata matusi?

Mbirrioneas hawatukanani ovyo.:smiley:

but why replace timing CHAIN? though it was meant to last the lifetime of the engine?

it will still come back on. Tupate tu hapa when that happens!

si toyota hukuwa ta timing belt!

Sio zote.

Niliuliza mbona alireplace hakujibu. Unless the car has a creeping knock there is no need to replace the timing chain. ni kuchokoza engine bure. giving half information about an engine while there are a thousand reasons for CEL.

hehe the kawaida ones

Poor bugger just did a reset. Light back in less than 60kms.:D:D:D

Have done over 800km so far so good. I will definitely alert incase it comes on again.

800 in two days?ok:D

Yes. Gone to Kitale (Mt. Elgon) and back to Nairobi.