Time we helped uganda remove the dictator!

Outrageous to see someone dragging your family into politics.

She’s a married woman so I will not say what I wish to say o_Oo_O
Police brutality in Uganda is 3 times more cruel than Kenya police. I hope Uganda people remove M7

Who is we? Nothing is stopping you as Brian from joining Konny in the bush

M7 is officially an Ankole cow. Meffi kabisa.

And that is one way to radicalize youth by torturing their mothers in front of them.

I retract. Realized that he adores those bovines and it’s like calling @FieldMarshal CouchP mchanga ya Ndunduri.

When M7 came to visit Moi at Kabarak in early 2019 (a meeting that took hours), it was to seek Moi’s advice on how to smoothly hand over power, akin to Moi in 2002. He was especially keen on Moi’s experience on how to hand over with a guarantee that the next (and the subsequent) regimes won’t go after him, his family and the cronies.

A lot of African dictators who have been in power for decades aren’t particularly hungry to rule for life. At some point, just like most other prominent jobs, you do get tired of the day to day pressure that the lofty position calls for. What keeps them clinging on is the fear of what might happen to them if they relinquish power improperly and the successors go after them. The thought is enough to keep them up at night and give them mad thoughts of ruling all the way to the grave. Remember Mugabe?

FYI, M7 is a darling of the Americans in the region and has been a critical, strategic geopolitical asset of theirs which is one of the reasons he’s been able to cling on for quite long, given such international backing behind the scenes. However, he’s wise enough to grasp that this can’t be forever, one of the reasons why he had such a sit-down with the late Mzee Moi. For instance, the Americans told him to make sure NOTHING happens to Bobi Wine, otherwise atajua hajui…

This guy is very useless and inhuman. He should be overthrown and sent to jail prison to rot direct

The woman was trying to interrupt her ex-husbands wedding
But even if, thats not the right way to handle the situation


The intel that Ktalkers possess can literally put CIA to shame :D:D

Byro wewe ume remove singo matha out of your house?? Acha tuanzie hapo…

some things shouldn’t make their way to social media

video zingine mimi huskia kuingia ndani ya computer nichape mwenye video kofi niendelee ku record video. jamaa ameharibu eye cleansers. but angalau Sonko amepata kazi after his firing

M7 has a proven track record. He lifted UG from civil war to a prosperous regional pawa. He may be a dictator, but he is probably the best East and Central Africa has had. Definitely better than Moi

Why someone would choose Bobby Wine over him is beyond me. Bobby is a populist in the mold of Sonko.

Dumb bonobos don’t even realize they are making a matyr

People choose a leader of their choice to promote different leadership

Arap Ruto is more like him.

The mental gymnastics that Africans do to defend brutal dictators is hilarious.

This is laughable.

Museveni was THE civil war. It ended because he WON the civil war. If Kony won the current civil war and removed M7 would you give him credit for lifting UG out of civil war ?

Ata hivyo, how long is too long ? Whatever his brilliance in running a country, don’t you think 35 years is more than enough for one man?

A dictator is necessary sometimes in a country given certain circumstances like civil unrest or civil war. In a case like that, civil liberties can take a back seat for the good of the country as a whole. That was the situation when M7 came to power.

For example, in Rwanda, Kagame stopped the slide into anarchy. In Russia, Putin stopped Russias decline while the democratic Gorbachev doomed the USSR despite an election in the USSR in which circa 76% of the people voted to preserve it

A Brutal Dictator is like Idi Amin, Pol Pot etc. M7, Kagame, Nyerere… these are benevolent dictators