Time to share power

Why is power sharing only for Africa??


And the bonobos of the banana republic are dying like flies.

All the best governing 75million disgruntled citizens. Power must be shared with Trump

The problem is that red states or majority white Republican states like Georgia, Texas, PA and the rest have a higher quality of life than disgusting blue inner-cities. (Don’t pay any mind to those who tell you about Mississippi, Alabama etc). The average red state is much nicer, cleaner and more decent than the average blue state. During this pandemic ALOT of Silicon Valley investors have moved to red neck Texas to flee the Democratic plantation. What happens after these Dems leave for red states, they take their failed, 3rd world mentality there and elect Democrats, thereby flipping red zones to blue zones.

Aside from power sharing, we just need our own states where we can be granted the freedom to pursue our liberties and live a life free from leftist terror. Trumpers only (strictly).