Time does heal

I look back at how i behaved back then when i had that crush and just laugh at myself .all in all im glad i managed to go through it without major destruction except for some pocket change.my resolve not to pay attention to women is working out well…i brush them off often.im glad i got past the incident, i feel nothing now and thats good.

women are not as bad as you make them out to be. you need game brother and im not talking about PUAs. Once you have yourself figured, nothing a woman will do will shake that.
There’s tons of free pu.ssy out there, but there’s equally a good number of good women waiting for a man who knows himself.

dig a little


ati you pay no attention to women,?they made you to become a fag


Two things…either u are a pathological liar…or you are in denial…

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Im not a fag but if you pay attention to every woman you see then you will fall easily to your desires.

Why do you say that?

I think your head is still too deep in her ass for you to think properly. Lookil at the responces, everybody can see it. Such wide declarations like “I decided not to pay attention to women” are laughable at best, unless this incidence ATWOLIFIED you. You clearly are yet to heal, take your time and your next relationship will be a breeze


You think the world revolves around you?? I’m counting my blessings since people like you better the ratio

hahahaha, go slow on the boy

You think the world revolves around you?? I’m counting my blessings since people like you better the

I won’t since he was recently on one of my posts pretending to be macho and tough kumbe he is a crybaby and a fuckboy … Things internet does to people

I really pity ur ex for dating a boobless shemale. Maybe she finally found a real man who is giving her some good d*ck and she has now realised that she can speak Chinese… when she cums.


Makende nyinyi…im too good for this shit.mnajifanya nyinyi ndio masters of poossseeyyy na wengine wenyu hamjawai onja.

Davidee is just a troll therefore the TOYA (troll of the year award goes to him ).[ATTACH=full]7327[/ATTACH]
P/S : Dont feed the troll.

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Jeez …just when we thought we would never catch you stuck to someone like her … get over her already… boy

Ask aunt tabby

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You are a spineless moron that would want to be cuddled by the chic you have just screwed

Sounds like adolescence. Itapita tu, you need more time.


Undisputed champion.


isnt puperty a bitch…

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