Traffic jam along Mombasa Rd in 1950s

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what memories does this bring?


That Kombat game, cant recall its name

we used to call it Adek Adek Apar I always wished to be a proud owner of this ka gadget

Na bado Rongai Trailers wanatumia hizo trucks 70 years later

Nimesoma twirra ati hio phone protector was not for protecting the phone…but for protecting the floor.

in Awasi, Muhoroni, sondu, Koru early 90s used to sell childrens clothes for apar kende, used to shout myself hoarse mchana yote na jioni tunakunywa cham

Chief Mumia and some of his wives, Kavirondo, Kenya. 1889.

Nabongo Mumia was born a prince between 1849 and 1852. … Mumia occupied a prominent place in British colonial administration from 1908 to 1926 and was recognised as the Paramount Chief. He ruled the Kingdom for 67 years from 1882 to 1949 in one of the longest reigns in African history.

His wives or children?

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[SIZE=2]na bangi in the sugar plantations[/SIZE]

Dr Richard Leakey, Homo Erectus in Kenya in October,1985.
When he was a boy, he fell off a horse and fractured his skull. A few years later, a puff adder – one of the deadliest snakes in the world – sunk its fangs into his fingers during a translocation gone wrong.
Had it not been for his father Louis Leakey’s swift injection with an anti-venom, Richard shudders to think of what would have happened.
Years later, his kidney malfunctioned and doctors said his time on earth was limited. His brother Philip donated a kidney but his body rejected it. Death loomed, with doctors giving a grim prognosis until his body adjusted; as if by miracle.
Then his liver failed. His friend donated a slice of his own.
Simply put, Leakey has tangoed with death, but his foot is always ahead of the dance.
His most chilling experience is surviving a plane crash in 1993. He lost control of the aircraft he was piloting and it tumbled down. He says when he was on the ground, with the plane’s engine pressed on his legs, he thought for a moment that his life was ending. He lost consciousness.
When he came to, he was at Nairobi Hospital being prepared for an amputation. His lost both legs.
His friends called his survival the hand of God. Leakey called it luck. He does not believe in the existence of God…

written by Mercy Adhiambo for www.standardmedia.co.ke

haha chief mumia looks like akothee???

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chief unalala …wapi TBT ya leo

ndio kuingia mitandaoni