Till we meet again....RIP Good Friend.

We have lost a friend to drunk driving. It still hasn’t sunk in yet. I feel the pain. And @wrongturn was his name on these ktalk streets albeit a quite talker(if I’m not wrong). When you booze and drive, think twice. Too hard. Too sad. Happened on Langata road Wednesday night just before T-Mall. Too many internal injuries.

@Alchemist and every other member of our little ktalkville. Stay Safe. Drive while sober.

iza mblo


Rip @wrongturn

nani hapa kwa kijiji anajua @The_Virus in real life?



Pole kwa talker. @admin pin a condolence message.

my condolence to the family


rest in peace talker

He most likely took a wrongturn. Atangulie twaja.

Poleni sana

Poleni sana @Rum and @Alchemist .

May he find peace on the other side.

Terrible, tragic.
I know most of us are guilty of thinking they can drink and drive.
Be safe, don’t drink drink and drive.

whoa! may he RIP

My condolences. Sad to loose a loved one through such preventable accidents.

Pole. Rip bro

May he shine on his way

RIP talker.