Tiger Power




Watch the vids above

hakuna ni video nimeona youtube

The guy made a fool of himself on a live discovery channel show an year or so ago. Ati a defender with like 6 guys wamekula ndani. walai hiotumbo ingebust or worse his hip kaput if it wasn’t for the director of the show who stopped.

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Muranga, season mpya ya True Detective imeanza.

Waah i think he was a real risk taker

saw him first nkiwa prima pale ask show. He got moves that I can’t deny that.

nangojea monday ni download episode 1&2.

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That director is a hater, Tiger power is the real badass, I saw him live at ASK Show in Embu and the defender went over his tumbo like that.

Check the on YT, the suv had passengers wamekula. He saved his life btw.

That guy was taking a lot of risk.ile time niliona akikanyagwa tumbo ilikua karibu kupasuka.

The man is strong. Let’s give credit.