TIDAL - The Rise & Rise of Streaming Media

Tidal, has finally lifted the veil on its availability here in Kenya. The music streaming service which is associated with hip hop mogul Jay-Z is now accessible to millions of Kenyans who had resorted to finding work arounds in order to access the service.

Tidal stiffens the competition for local players including Skiza and View Sasa who have been slowly but surely endearing themselves to Kenyans.

Among Kenyan artistes you can stream from Tidal include Naiboi, Kagwe Mungai, H_art the Band and Sauti Soul.

Subscribers will pay a monthly fee ranging from KES 400 to KES800 and listen to unlimited albums in High Quality Audio.

Hawa wamelipa ushuru? KRA ilisema lazima walipe… KRA wako na upuzi kupindukia

Ni lipe magana inyanya Ni sikize sautisol na Kuna YouTube? Meffi tidal

You’d be better off creating an account using a good VPN like Nord set to the United States…reason for this is you will unlock so much of the world wide catalog because of copyrights…the same goes for Netflix too you’ll notice the change in content. That’s how I use Spotify because they don’t support KE…billing is 10$ a month across all your devices plus they got a free month Trial…I just can’t live without it.

Netflix ya America na Kenya ni tofauti?

Yes content ni tofauti…With a good VPN you can switch between regions to watch their content…also exclusives first drop on Netflix US before anywhere else…they’re so many good streaming sites with good content HBO,Starz, Hulu you can enjoy with a good VPN.

Any cheap VPN, without bandwidth restriction you can recommend?


I noticed since I started paying subscriptions Spotify does not require VPN

Netflix na VPN hazipatani kabisaa

Just used it to sign up and get my account registered on US territory from there you are good…

With some yes…been using it for a while with Nord switching contents from different regions no hiccups at all.

Give TorGuard VPN a try let me know how it works for you.