Thumbs up for the things that actually work really well in Kenya

Guys, it is a new year. Lets cheer up by mentioning a few things that actually work well in Kenya. I will start the ball rolling with this:

Number 1: Internet access is nearly first class. Phone network access is nearly universal. But it might get even more affordable if Safaricom started monthly billing rather than that credit insertion system

Roads are not that bad.

Beer is also fery good.

The only thing that works really well in Kenya to talk about is MPESA.

Thanks to Safaricom life has been very easy for the poor folks who would never afford Bank Accounts.

Racism is high… which is really good. Only shows how neanderthal…

:confused::confused: I am lost here. On the whole, we are very tolerant of diversity. Muslims, Christians, Hindus and all other religions coexist rather peacefully. If there is any racism, it actually is practiced by the minorities against the greater Black population

On the beer, we suffer the tyranny of Kenya Breweries. In Germany nearly every village restaurant have their own local brew. Here we have to do with few brands, low quality

The black population is super racist

This is one thing I love about Kenya. If you live outside Nairobi and have a moderately good source of income, Kenya is Paradise. What else do you need when living sides za Laikipia, Rumuruti, Nyahururu, or Nyeri? All you need is a mancave with your favorite books (No TV), a laptop, a simple jalopy, (a simple boxer Nduthi can also work btw), a dozen chicken to give you eggs, and a vegetable garden where you can grow seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Try adopting this life in western countries uone how expensive it is. But in Kenya it is doable for most middo class guys being stressed day in day out in the city. Ni vyenye we have not changed our mentalities about city life.

Local brews are illegal. You dont expect us to produce beer like Germany its not part of our culture

It is nice until you get sick then you discover how horrible our healthcare is

Yeah there’s that

What works really well in Kenya is that you can get away with anything or get out of almost any situation. It’s fantastic.

Mi napenda vile threshhold ya ‘set for life’ iko low. With $1m you will never have to work another day of your life and you’ll enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Pia napenda vile unaeza pirate movies za Hollywood na FBI haiwezi do shit.

Mbaya sana life free hapo kwa buying pirated movies while another analipia netflix alafu wengine tunapata account yake


Kwa wale wanataka Netflix ama amazon prime … niko hapa.

Are you telepathic by any chance? My list is Kilifi, Kwale, Nanyuki and Nakuru.

Good luck brother. I wish you all the best in this venture. I feel happy when someone finds his own paradise away from our chaotic capital.

Silage making: Megabucks if you are good at it and work hard