Thug life...

The guy kulad mbegu when they tried to carjack a motorist at nyayo stadium.
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Found with a homemade pistol loaded with two bullets nicknamed “number 2” or “nambaa”. it works-by pulling a spring at the back side to cock it. If they pull it again and release it, it will fire one bullet. It is estimated that it takes around half an hour for it to cool be4 firing the other bullet. It has poor aim and with this infor, if u have a distance of atleast 5meters, u can make a dash n escape the young gun wielding gangsters.

Source: Crime alerts/FB


sasa hizo viatu zitakuwa inherited na morgue attendant?


Cheap phone, cheap pistol, huyu ni learner.

The guy got a head shot i think(not very graphic), but the law says i cant put it hapa.

Good riddance…

nice shoes


I just don’t get it. You wake up in the morning, take a shower, dress and go out to rob? In a country like Kenya where if the police don’t get you the mob will burn you? JUST HOW STUPID CAN SOME PEOPLE BE HONESTLY?

If it was in say UK I’d understand - there the police don’t shoot even when you have a gun, they try to arrest you. BUT HERE? A G3 bullet travelling at 3,000km/hr is what you get for your trouble - na unasema ni kuhustle.

Wacha ikae nikamue ng’ombe huko Loiyangelaini or whatever.


gustavo, here you go again!. we know how you do your things, educate them

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n then theres this kinda stealin

Gustavo was never a robber, he a shrewed businessman na ole wako if you cross his way or try to short change him.

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Hao muggers ni wengi aje for one person?

happened at luthuli over the weekend …they must have tracked him for a long time


noma! and the passersby are just staring as the guy is attacked. See how he gets mini seizure after the attack.

What would you have done?

nimewahi pigwa ngeta accra road kitu saa mbili jioni watu wanapita tu wewe ukipigwa ngeta hakuna kitu wanaweza fanya coz their main priority is reaching home alive na hao watu si ati ni mmoja moja they are many wanakucheki tu na unajua wako pamoja

In most cases those boys don’t physically seriously hurt their victims, jaribu kuingilia ukule visu kadhaa kwa tumbo.

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kwani umewaona umelenga story kabla hujasema?

upload hiyo ki snipper na usiweke full image, wase wakutaka kuona wa download