Thug life

A thug with gun and lots of ammunition shot down at the parklands road in front of Mayfair hotel. Assault rifle with lots of ammunition recovered. Traffic blocked on both sides of the road.

(Source Crime Alerts:Facebook)

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They had stolen this premio

Death mwisho wa mwezi hw sad

Maliza hao Mauki wote!

Hapana tambua takataka. This city does not need these miscreants.

How come these thugs carry loaded firearms and they never shoot back

To your surprise some don’t even know how to use them.

Police sio mchezo.

They use them to intimidate you who is unarmed. Confronted with an armed and proficient opponent, they freeze.

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they wouldn’t want to use the hard to get bullets if just showing the guns will do…

maliza wote,just last week these maafakaz killed a young guy over a phone and a few coins outside my gate.dude was barely 25 yrs still many years of DF ahead of him
KILL THEM…KILL THEM ALL (crixus voice)



hehee Obama alikua amewanyongea hewa. Now they’ve crawled out of their Gachie bunkers njaa mob

these kids

Shenzi type.Police wafagie fagie hiyo chafu!NKT.This fucking morons took away my Xperia and some cash at gun point!

@junkie you sound like you have sampled some Johnnie Vigeti Shit right there."unauliwa juu ya tupesa kadhaa serikali inaraid mitaa, unamadwa kisha unatupwa Kwa takataka.

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