Throwback Thursday

Esir the legend

uko flani maumau

Alafu hizi jeans


All my old school mixes have at least one esir song.that maafaka was waaaaay beyond his time

wawawa wewe sasa ndio umelenga ndipo… hapo sawa


ninadownload tu… am not pirating

On that note, I’m looking for Hardstone’s Dangerous which was in his second album Ziwe Nkulu.

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The first time i was allowed out of the house to go for the rave was for the swahili nation concert in Carnivore…good times! @Muranga hizo jeans singeweza vaa…i always liked my jeans with little to no madoido…even back then.
When E-sir died we played we played that album on heavy rewind in the local of campus for a week! His stuff is still on point, even today.

Used to buy tapes hapo freemark way back when…

Freemark Nai but it burnt down

mwanzo huyu dame wa mini ya white…she used to make me mbao vibaya sana by the way she kept pulling her mini down, I was a teenager then.