Throw Back Thursday :Explicit

Since @Mwenyewe ako kinda busy he rarely posts TBT am sitting in for him as his P.A :cool::cool:

Sina picha crazy crazy but there some things I could like to throw back :confused::confused::confused::confused:

#A new girl am training who has a Know it all att … keeps getting to my nerves I wish I could

throw her back to her last employer to be trained

#The weather…throw it back and come back with the sun

#All these client requests at work …throw them back to them n go chill kwa yatch

huko Marina ama Port Elizabeth S.Africa …I envy Vera. S sometimes

Thro backs are welcome :D:D

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Jaro soja akiwa cheki maneno yake na chief wa kayole



wekea mafisi number ya ‘new girl’ hapa apewe dawa kidogo

0721 5005** ama wacha tu


Hiyo dawa inaweza kuwa shared…:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: ?


hata wewe ukitaka weka number yako hapa

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Osungu napiga wewe chenga madam, ama ni baridi nyingi?

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He He Osungu nilipata A :oops::oops:I guess ni baridi



How come your now a guardian …:confused::confused:

:smiley: Ati village guardian?

Guardian against what?

I have read this 3 times ndo niget

Read it 3 times na wewe ni Mzee mzima?
By the way @Purr_27 change hiyo *through to *threw ndio watu waelewe

The context in which she used ‘throwback’ is very different and unusual that’s why

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Eunice, mambo?

free speech, fun, sense, joy, hope, opinions…