Throw back : how thirst for booze landed me in trouble

When i was younger i found myself really broke and in need of a drink, it was on a friday and the money i had was enough to buy only 2 bottles of GK, despite my financial constraints i went ahead to drink, the money as predicted did not quench my thirst and the affinity to steal a drink grew as time passed on fast, i got my opportunity and secured a drink but even before i had my first sip the owner of the drink ( it was a mzinga of sminorff i think) raised hell and the club bouncers rushed in, nikabebwa juu juu they roughed me up and told me to pay for that mzinga but since i did not have any cash or ID they decided to call the police.

I was locked in a mabati storage room as they awaited the arrival of the police, once inside the room the instinct to flee kicked in and i managed to flee through a small opening in the roof which i would never be able to fit through in a normal situation, when i finally sneaked out of the compound i ran all the way home like a mad man chased by the devil himself, i never went to that club again.

I always laugh when i remember that incident but i also wonder how the police reacted when they came and found me missing.


the thirst for alcohol sure made you a james bond. hata wewe ni uhuru alikuwa amekufanya desperado kwa kukunyima kazi?

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it also means, you have serious healed wounds of the mabati you were escaping from…Good luck but hio pombe ulilipia in other ways…just how many times have you bought booze for random chicks?


I was a very young lad back then, i had just completed high school

Fortunately i had only a few bruises and my clothes got torn but at that moment what really mattered was my freedom.

Hehehehe. Ungehara kwa hiyo room ulifungiwa uachie hao mabouncer souvenir.


guiness kubwa

Kwani Huyo jamaa wa mzinga alikuwa mlafi aje? Ama wewe ndio ulikuwa mlafi mpaka jamaa akaona ni hasara kukunywa na wewe?

Shchupid…go climb a tree.

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This budding romance should be nurtured

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Muluya ni muluya tu

Wewe kanono, kuwa mpole. Hujaenda masaku 7’s?

Hehe hiyo nimehata, next time maybe

Unatakaje na waluyha kanono?


[QUOTE=“uncle nyam, post: 89070, member: 729”]
Unatakaje na waluyha kanono?
Afungue roho tumtafutie mrembo mwenye anaheshimu transformer.[/QUOTE]

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