Thresholding a mungich.

When I was freshly employed, and after a few months buying my first car, we used to get all excited with friends and drove all over town. I remember we used to do a lap of honor in town through Koinange street for eye cleansing, late at night. But the Langas were never that excited to enter a car that had two men inside. When alone in a car they’d be all over you. I was a bachelor then so they came in handy during dryspell. One day late at night we pigad a lap of honour with a friend but no poko agreed to enter the car. So tulikula na macho tu. After dropping the friend when I was going home nikasikia dryspell imezidi. The thought of driving back to town was not an option now, it was now about 2am. As I took the last cornor home, hapo kwa stage I saw a chick, standing alone. I stopped and asked her where she was headed. Where she said was actually farther on, but I told her to jump in nimdrop hapo mbele. She jumped in and when I looked at her she looked like some very rough kind of a mama. I told her I stay alone and asked if she can come in. She nodded yes. When we entered the house she asked if there was food, I told her hakuna, unless she cooks mayai. The bitch went ahead and fried five eggs, and demolished them in a minute. I refused her offer to eat with her fearing mchele. When she finished I told her we go to bed. She started removing her clothes and I noticed a very shapely ass, though her body size was big. Na ufisi yangu nikamrukia. I did the first round though hiyo sikukaa for obvious reasons. Second round ilikaa kiasi, then third round ikakaa sana. Kujaribu kumgusa tena dame alinichapa ngumi niache alale. Nikashangaa kwani atanichapia kwangu. I started having ideas of chasing her away at night nikaona Sio fair. Nikaacha alale but I woke her up so early, nikamwambia nakimbia job so atoke. Though it was a lie. Alipotoka nikarudi kulala. When I woke up later what I saw shocked me. The chick had forgotten some stuff in a black small polythene. On opening it I found out it was snuff. That’s when I realized I was thresholding a mungiki. I felt lucky to be alive coz huyo dame must have come from murdering someone. Phew.

…Nikashangaa kwani atanichapia kwangu…nimecheka.mwenye Niko nayee akadhami nimechizi

Snuff= Mungiki, learning something new every day.
The Karamoja must be major Mungiki s they have lots of snuff

Snuff ni tubako?

Yes, ile inawekwa kwa mapua.

Thank your lucky stars… Hio propella yako ingefanyiwa factory reset.

Nimetoka the well Irish pub a nice bar

Sema tu uko wapi tukunywe keg


Alikuwa amevaa ngotha?
Mungiki hawavaangi hio

Hekaya nzuri hiyo remember back in college we used to do a lap of honor hapo K street in a friends car. we used to invite like 3 pokos for each one of us one day simu zote ziliibiwa cant forget.

Hakuwa na ngotha imagine

na uka assume alifua ikakosa kukauka…whylie uliponea, next chips funga atakuwekea pilau wacha hata mchele

What is the likelyhood of meeting a karamoja lady at 2am in the back towns of Nairobi?

Ni dryspell kizee.

So you normally just meet random strangers in back towns of Nairobi take them to your place n fuck them just like that :eek::eek::eek::eek:

Niliassume ni poko.

Smart sana.

The labelling, she could just be a horny tobacco vendor.


Hata me hapo nimecheka sana:D:D