Three bedroom house : rent 7k per month


Kenyan real estate is fucked up

Mazematics sio ya kila mtu aise…

$775 = KES 77,500 approx. ng’ombe ni ng’ombe tu :D:D:D

Mazematics ya OP iko sawa. Re-read that statement.

Kenyan real estate is truly f*** up

Hesabu imeleta shida hapa

Wewe pia ulisomea kwa dirisha :smiley:

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D… That figure is per year, divide that by 12…tuone ng’ombe Ni Nani Sasa.

Imeandikwa per year

Comprehension ni ngumu aise :D:D

Look at you now:D:D:D:D


Kuna mahali nimesema si per year?

So what is your issue then? 775$ ukichapa na 107.08 comes to 82987ksh per year which translates to 7k per month
Crawl back to the hole you came from

OP’s statement was accurate :smiley: . Related to that, a very important rule in forums, instead of asking a direct question where many will ignore, just state something which seems wrong or is outright wrong, you will get very many answers trying to correct you, aand you will find your answer. In this case it’s the other way round.

Some of the responses here demonstrate how people fail exams:D

Sawa hamia huko

Kenyan real estate will now be reorganized due to covid

A 2bedrooms house in Kigali Rwanda goes for around 6k. Na ni area ya mapapi…Alaa