Those SwissGear Laptop Backpacks

Hey guys, wapi naeza pata Swiss Gear Laptop backpack Bei Smarta?


kuna jamaa alikua anauza klost. alienda wapi?

I have his no
‪+254 725 070801‬

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Niko na shipment inakuja in a months time. so if still interested utasema

zile stalls ziko hapo Bus Station (OTC). kuna jamaa anauza na 3800

guangzhou alert

Sema tu ni wewe

si Yeye, but that’s the no. ya ule jamaa wa klost nlinunua 1 from him .

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the guy from klost was called Zebedayo

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The nikka is called Brian Obudho a cool nice jama who appreciates quality than imitation. I am using one of his bags and one year down the line the bag is still intact with the torture of sometimes carrying two laptops

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yep, he was at klost.[ATTACH=full]10664[/ATTACH]