Those in Diaspora please help me financially

I am here to ask for financial assistance from Kenyans in Diaspora. Those in Europe, I know you have a lot of money. You can just donate to me even €50 each. Thank you

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P. S @Fred Wiye Rach hiyo ni picha yako?

well, good luck with that…

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Web Dev Hehe…
Gashwin, thank you

Mimi siko Europe! Hii ni Pesa ngapi hivi? I hope it’s less than ksh 1000!

Omba @Njamba Huthu

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@Wakanyama kuja ukule kunyi mpya hapa


Anataka euro. Kwani husomi

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Despite the numerous opportunities that are thrust in your face…even hosting the GES you still believe in handouts. By the way there are unfilled positions of fattening the fish in the mediterranean, are you interested??


Siko europe lakini naeza change shillings to the same. Weka budget hapa.

Watu kama nyinyi ndio mnapatia waafrika jina mbaya.A grown ass man asking for handouts, si utafute bibi ukuje uitishe usaidizi utombewe.


Ngojea yule mfanyikazi wa abdull

Were you present at the summit? Was there almost the whole week

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when you’re in a foreign land, no friends and family, what else are you going to do? Hawezi sema serikali saida…

Jamaa ako kenya ni uzembe wa akili unamsumbua

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Ati unataka ngapi?

Haya basi chukua…,

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Getting help in first world countries is much much easier than getting help here at home. Options;

  1. Soup kitchens, church drives and food banks for food. They serve the homeless mostly and those underemployed or unemployed. You never have to present paperwork or prove anything. They just give you food.
  2. Salvation army and church drives again for clothing. AGAIN, you don’t need proof if identity with most of these. They just give you what you need.
  3. Shelters and hippy communes for a warm and safe place to sleep. AGAIN, no proof of identity needed.

Do you know how many Americans live like that to the point where it allows them to eventually get a low-paying job? When you have somewhere you can eat for free, sleep for free and even get clothing, all you need to do is keep appearances and get a couple of low-paying jobs which do not require you to state a physical address. Bootstrapping your way through life in advanced countries is waaaaaaaaaay easier than it is in less advanced ones.

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@Fred Wiye Rach = @Ka-Buda
just say you needed a reason to show us your matress account savings.

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