Those fools asking Ruto to Resign as Jaramogi did

Pelekeni ujinga Bondo.

Jaramogi was not Ruto’s Role Model, and neither was he a Role Model for politicians, including Raila his son. That’s why he pleaded with Moi to spare toto yangu.

Now, was he a role model for principled people - Perhaps. But one can also argue that Jaramogi in political exile accomplished nothing and inspired nothing in Kenya politics.

Jaramogi also resigned because he knew he was being fired.

Kwa hivyo, muache hiyo ujinga of asking Ruto to follow Odinga’s example. That’s a very stupid example.

Ati Ruto should resign like Jaramogi did - How stupid can you be? That line is very irritating, makes you want to slap An Azimio ya wazimu supporter.

If he resigns atafinywo macende like ghaseeer that August atasema hataki kiti anataka kwenda sukoi kukunywa soup ya kuku na mbata.
Meanwhile ata Mimi nikue yeye siwezi jaribu kuresign :smiley:

Raila hakuresign akilia kuhusu busy carpet.

Resigning or Not, can he be a bit more consistent with his propaganda.
mara he has a track record in govt, mara wamejenga bara bara, other days… the govt has failed the people…
corruption is killing the country (in the 1st term there were so many scandals and he was in the center of it).

ooh i will fight cartels in govt (when he was in control of things hungepata tender kama Ruto anaitaka)…

in other words, let him be a man of his own word… let him stick to one narrative.

Mwizi anasema gava imefail and he still continues to benefit from it…