This woman has a very beautiful house

Mimi kama peasant I was strolling around the internet admiring country homes in Kenya then I saw Akothe’s Rongo house. Buana this house is game. Wah! Hii ni retirement plan ingine noma sana. Expansive, modern, clean air and everything that a human being needs inorder to be comfortable. Akothee sijui utoa hizi doo wapi manze.

Dope, I give it to here

Utatembea sana kabla upate mdem rika lake anafikiria hii design.
Interior yake pia hibahatishi.

Pongezi kwake, sisemi kitu. Swali ni mwenye nyumba ni nani aka man of the house?

I love the house, mnipe budget maybe 2035 I can afford.

Huyu mama ameweza

painful …utalamba block jaluo jinga

Huyu ndio mwanamke anaeza sema ebony pussy imemsaidia sana …achana na kina truman capote hapa…

Nyumba zimejengwa bana. Kuliko hata hio.

Look at this homosexual retard. Uko na wivu ingine ya kiajab. Nobody said it’s the best mansion in the world. Can’t you infer the context within which the OP talked of? Iko socialite ako na jumba kama hio ocha kwao Kenya? I know you want to put mansions owned by hollywood celebrities and do comparisons. Context Mrs. I’ve just watched Raila’s home in bondo in the news and it has got nothing on Akothe’s. Hebu tuonyeshe yako for starters

Akothee was a surrogate mother to some Italian billionaire.

I guess she learned the art of seduction, juu kuna birrionare alipatana na yeye akamfungua macho.

I suspect that birrionare was Bruno Mossimo who introduced her to his circle.

If you’re a smart, petite woman and you get introduced to those wazungus birrionare circle of friends, your life can change in an instant.
Bora tu kunguru akuwe smart na ajue kupeana pudesh vizuri.

Weka zingine zenye inakaribia hiyo

Akothe is a woman who resolves what to do and does what she resolves. Ako na history, yeye sio mtu wa jana. Kwenye yuko sio bahati, it has been a journey

The landscaping is marvelous. The house is not good ( looks like a typical house in Ongata Rongai multiplied in size by 3) . Even the inside is very average.


I read it’s 100M. Not sure

I find it extremely good to be honest. I haven’t seen the inside tho

She has videos she posts where she is inside.

I didn’t say hakuna zingine poa kuliko hii coz it wasn’t even a competition. I find you to be a very weird human being. I don’t know how people tolerate you in real life. I would be slapping you every minute if the arrogance you display here is what you are in real life.

How are the bedrooms and how many rooms is it? I will look for the videos of inside. But you also agree it’s very beautiful from the outside with the landscaping and all. And outside the fence is her shamba on the sides where she plants her food. Great planning especially for a retirement home.

Not sure how many rooms. Just look for her video feeds. Some are from inside the house.