This woman fears DNA test



She blocks me

The great awakening…

In my honest opinion, this exchange was really unnecessary. If she genuinely didn’t play you and the child is really yours, she will obviously take offense if you ask for a DNA test because you obviously didn’t take the relationship serious since you think she was dishing out the cookie jar to other men, to make it worse, without protection. Kama yeye ni mhonest, hio thought ndio inauma yeye.
DNA tests are easy to do. All you could have done is have time with the baby, take thoseearbudsand do two swabs on the inside part of the cheeks, put the swaps in a polythene bag and take them to lancet labs at 5thngong avenue. Once you get there, they will equally take your DNA sample by swabbing the inside of your cheeks. After 5 days you will go back for your paternity test results.You could have easily done all these without her knowing.
Unfortunately, hapa ushaharibu relationship, incase she was faithful to you, even if you apologize for not trusting her after discovering the child is yours 100% your relationship with her will never be the same.
On the positive side, in case she was trying kukuwekelea ball, umehepa trap.

:D:D:D:D Awakening gani na jamaa anasema ‘siwezi kukutupa’

I think hapa umekosea. Why should someone be defensive yet anajua hakucheza…You will always know the truth by the way a person replies. If she indeed was true she could agree in order to cement the trust

Yes…if the child is mine

My thinking is that if you have been In a serious relationship with a girlto the point where you are sleeping together without protection, it will be offensive to ask for DNA once she gets a baby.
Nikama kukua na dem mwenye una date vi serious mwenye unanyanduanga bila CD then one day she comes to your crib and she sees you wearing one kabla mechi ianze.Atakuuliza mbona haumtrust.
If this gentleman didn’t trust the girl, he shouldn’t have gone on with the relationship to the point of having a child. Angekula slices then apotee karura.

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From a real life story;

This mama I once dated. So when she fell pregnant, the guy refused. He threw tantrums, blocked her and of course the traditional- sio wangu.

Fast forward, the lady made the decision to raise the child alone.

One day, the gent randomly runs into his family kwa supermarket. The baby girl is now big and looks 100% like him. The lady was in the company of a man- not me. Jamaa amebeba mtoto.

The way she describes it, this guy sent half his village kwao but no one would give them the time of day. She also now happens to be okay financially. She visited some offices and the man’s name is not featured on the birth certificate.

Lesson: usiruke mimba before ujue ni yako ama sio yako. There is a chance ni yako.

Fanya DNA. Then make a decision. I know it’s scary but it’s not.the end of the world. Kama ni wako do not make the mistake of walking away.

Man I’ll tell you something happens when you run into your kid one day and you see them alive without you.

he’s disabled read receipts .Mostly done by pussies with an exaggerated sense of self importance