This white woman is just pissed of why Africans allow themselves to be taken for fools by her fellow whites and Chinese

Another reason why we Africans are really bonobos

She makes a few points here and there, but honestly she sounds like a crazy bitch.


She wants to be crowned a white savior complex is strong in this bitch.:D:D:D

The part about 7 babies die from vaccin in Ghana has been provey to be lies.

I don’t support Chinese influence but I would rather hear our leaders talk about it than coming from a white person.

White people please sit down. Thanks for your help, but Africans must learn to fight their own battles.

African bonobos keep making mistakes over and over again.

She could be White, but ako na points huwezi rubish. Hata hii message ingetoka from an African, but tungepeana tu excuse ingine, I relate it to the way we fight here over tribalism

it will take centuries for africans to learn how to do anything constructive…just look at african voting patterns , tribalism and illiteracy levels . black people will most likely be enslaved by arabs and chinese after world war 3 . I can bet my left nut for that !

:D:D:D wachinku watakuchunisha sukuma.

We may fight over tribalism but when you attack one of us we become united. Same thing when we win rugby matches or athletics we become one. If the message from the white lady came from one of our leaders we would be supporting it fully. We seriously need leadership on this issue because we can’t sit idly being dharauliwad. On top of that we have our market flooded and dominated by cheap stuff from them.

We can tease each other here all we like about tribes- of course we are not gonna be violent. However, for crying out loud, if someone discriminates a Kenyan, I don’t care what tribe he or she is from- we have to support our own.

Most of her points are valid and only a fool would ignore her message