The human mind is awesome…except for the inherent fear and greed.

Let no religion/belief threaten or comfort you. There is simply no afterlife…No evidence. Let anyone who claims something provide at least logical evidence to prove the claim, else everyone will be allowed to claim anything. Just because humans fear death/unknown is no reason to make up a convenience of afterlife. We go where cows and goats go after we kill and eat them…we arent the kindest or any special.
Let me go into a diatribe against religions: People have mystified diseases, war, disasters, stars, the moon, the sun, and everything else for millenia. People in grief have sacrified and cried to invisible beings. In recent times, some individuals noticed ":cool:… that sht dont work B" and turned to the scientific method. In about 2500 years we have Technology, Ethics, Philosophy, penicilin and its variants. Kitambo diseases like syphilis and others were “:(…god made them mad because they always DFKM other people’s women”. Until some nggers got their sh*t together wakaokoa we the sheeple the far they have been able to.
What have gods and other deities sheeple cry to done for them or any other living thing? Nothing, but men and women have done every single improvement you see here to fit in nature. Someone at MIT did not sleep for days na labda ako na bp because hakulala akijaribu kufikiria how 1 and 0 or off/on can be turned into text so that sheeple like we can rant here. Everyone making money on the interwebs should not thank deities…Thank Tim Berners Lee for sharing software he creates in his sparetime. And every nyga or B**tch who rides on automobile should thank some German for spending a lifetime figuring out how to improve chariots and horses that angels and fiery deities ride(Some books talk abt fiery chariots and swords…We got rockets and kalashnikovs these days)


Only a fool says to himself that there is no God.


@Ingia what about those who ride horses and those who fish out of lakes to make a living.who should they thank.?

This is the problem we have when man gains a little knowledge he think he can now reduce GOD into a theory,equation or logic that can be explained or solved using some empirical formulas.pole sana.

How can you prove something you’ve not experienced? Same way like you trying to say I don’t have a wallet,just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

There is no reason whatsoever to thatnk a god. Further, even if some unknown entity intetionally put the fish there, there is no reason to assume the said entity intended you to take the fish and needs to be thanked. How do you know you are welcome to take the fish. You only need to thank yourself for fishing it.

I can see you get what I mean. there is absolutely no reason to claim something you have not experienced. Where will you stop if you are not sure you own a island, jet aircraft, the moon in your basement etc. You validate what can be proven. I have a wallet because I saw one bought one brought it home, used it etc though I cannot see it now…that works logically.

If a

If a god exists, why would’t he come here and do stuff himself. Si the omnipotency thing is always there. I have never seen a god come here and tell me “dont do this, do that”, but I have seen humans with possibly manipulative intent, come to me and claim"some god said…blah blah blah!!!" Kila kitu its humans saying. ata hizo “vitabu za mungu” ni watu waliandika. people who wouldnt hesitate to cut your head off without a second thought. People(kings and warlords) who would destroy cities kill everyone and eslave the rest for failing to buy into their religion. No wonder the books threaten and intimidate in every paragraph. Nothing rules people more than fear. Once you buy the idea of burning forever, nothing works better for a tyrant, he has got you. not even the promises of utopia after death.

The actions of others dont validate God as being evil, everybody acts out of free will which is a gift from God.Furthermore, if you are expecting God to come down and do something to prove his existence then that means you are bringing him down to mans level.He cannot do your bidding because he is greater than you, that would also mean that any man in the world would put him to the test to prove to themselves that this God exists, a vain course indeed.He will not partake in the vanities of man.

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Valentine’s ni date?

Hebu toa utoto hapa…wacha wazee waongee.

Why do assume the understanding of others about the bible or GOD to be yours.tell us what you understand about the bible.REM GOD is personal not a “we experience”.

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@Davidee it matters with the way you are looking at the matter #Science or Bible way

its not easy to change someones views on religion so ranting here on the existence or non existence of a supreme being is a waste of time…u will not convince anyone to change their minds

Science and bible are both reinforces the truth about the bible.

True but one cannot just bash religion and expect believers not to put up a defence.

The biggest set back with the afterlife theory is that you have to die to experience it and no one has died and come back to tell us how/ what it is. And nobody ever will. So 100 years from now, our kids kids will be having this same he exists he doesn’t discussion here.

No living being has proof of afterlife.

@karema-hitI the problem with proof is that it will interfere with free will and
Natural behaviour.proof that life after death exists for instance would lead to a hightened level of carelessness and disregard for life.also humans would practice hypocricy in order to attain it.thus shying away from their natural inclinations.

As a philosopher once said religion is an opium of the poor…
There is nothing bad by being spiritual, btw a person knws himself and his worth by being spiritual. But being religious is a vanity of all vanities. Religion has killed more humans than all diseases combined.
All conflicts and wars in the human history can be traced down to some form of religious fanatism.