This took me back in time

Going through @Okiya 's ama wacha tu episodes I couldn’t help seeing how things have changed over the years.

I remember as a teenager still growing up inside “plot 10” I had a crush on this luhya girl, Sherry who happened to be mtoto wa mwalimu in our school. Being a young fat boy the girls liked me alot not because of anything else but just for teasing. Anyways I had tried on several occassion to chat the girl up to no avail. I decided to take the most creative route and wrote a well thought missive with all the best english I could think of.

On my way from the shops, I slipped the letter contained in a nicely decorated envelop under the girl’s door knowing she will be back home soon and on opening their door will surely get the letter and read all the beautiful nothings I had jotted down. I waited patiently for her response but non was forthcoming. Kumbe her mum ndo aliangukia letter and being one of our teachers at the school she decided to bring the letter to school and read it at the morning assembly followed by mimi kuitwa hapo mbele niambie huyo dem what I wanted from her. Mwisho ile viboko nilipewa jo, made me hate primary school teachers to date … wacha tu.

Sijui vyenye your first lines kukatia ilikuwa but yangu ended in viboko plus.


these things were common.
kush huyu ethiopian anaweza gurumisha nduthi?


anika hio letter hapa ama ni hii?


My first letter kuandika nilikua class five hata haikufikia my then crush, mother aliipata chini ya pillow place nilikua nimeficha akapea old man, Nilikua nimeokota tu coins kwa nyumba and bought some Cadbury’s sweets nikaweka ndani, cut a love poem from some magazine and stuck it nyuma ya letter. Uzuri sikunyoroshwa but it was a very awkward conversation hata mbuyu was uneasy anashinda akiniuliza kama nimesha wahi ongea na huyo dame face to face


he saw the untamed fisi in you nicca :smiley:


Hahahahaha memories are made of these episodes. In class I had a serious ‘crush’ on a chick, but I could not muster the courage to tell her what I felt. Again the school I was in, ahhhhh stories of BF & GF could not be tolerated at all.

Anyway one day I saw this programme on the TV, where this young man wrote a letter to this slightly older chick. After reading the letter, the chick was ‘impressed’ and gave the young man a peck on the cheeks. So being naive and believing all that I saw ‘Hollywood’ do, I believed it will also happen to me. So I penned down my innermost feelings… Knowing how our school was, I did two things that would later save me from a hiding. One I used my left had to write the letter, and two, I never signed off with my name. Put the letter in an envelope, and packed it for the next days’ adventure.

The next day we had ‘PE’, so as everyone left for the PE, slipped the note into her bag. We came from PE, and there she got the letter, opened it, and guess what, she took it to the class teacher… Weeee wacha, msako ikaanza class, nani ameandika hii barua. Aisee, kuna jamaa akaekelewa, na viboko za ma udijo na ma pero mbele ya chuo yote…


I was a late bloomer, went up to fourth form without Katia ring a chic and for a reason, most chics even in the village and church felt very comfortable around me. They actually took me like a play thing, come utupeleke shop, come utupeleke choir bla bla bla.
They were lucky the fisi in me hadn’t woken up at the time.


@uwesmake alikuwa anaandika letters zake in CAPS ama? :smiley:


Wewe ulikuwa umewekwa friendzone ile mbaya. Zile za, nibebee hii mzigo, sijui nikutume wapi. Mwanaume kutumiwa kama kifagio

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Have you read up the last line? If you have, then you have a comprehension problem.

"my son is an imbecile"dad must have thought


dads are actually proud when they see their sons going after girls, saa hizo hata hajui wasichana hutafutwa kwa nini


My sisters discovered a letter I had written to Emma, the neigbourhood rangi ya thao, laptop beauty, they took it to mother and they all took turns laughing at me.

The ultimate one though was when my mum overheard me talking about Milkah, the pretty girl I once told “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!” just like in the Fair n Lovely ad infront of all her pack of girlfriends. Dad summoned me and my bros and told us we were too young for sex

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mifupa itia doggy

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Mine ,i was in sec and there was this chic i was eyeing in primo class 8,i wrote a letter and gave it to her small siz…wah,zile matusi nilipata,ushai soma letter kama umejificha coz of shyness.
Funny things is,she got married and we live with in the same esto…and not well off kuniliko:D

Mine letter ilirudishwa kama imemarkiwa that was class 7, it really hurted my feelings na upto form4 is when i got the courage kukatia dem

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@Atwoli TUAMBIE ZILE BARUA ULIKUWA UNAANDIKA? :):):):):):):slight_smile:

Lahaula! Trust me, just the way I like them. Kwanza this friday lazima nikute kamoja

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Hehe, mwarimo alibaki nayo :D:D