This Station Had 0% Turnout on 8/8

LochorApua in Turkana West constituency, widely expected to register 100% voter turnout, closed with 0% turnout even after IEBC deployed personnel and airlifted all necessary material to the station.

The only registered voter, Loitamoe Eripon, did not turn out. All 6 elections were considered to have been carried out in that constituency except one which was nullified countrywide and in the diaspora.

I know you know where I’m going with this.

Hehehehe ni kubaya


What happens in this other scenario, where, IEBC, fails to deliver voting materials in several polling stations, due to hostility, of residents.
Can voters, then go to court, and cite a violation, on their right to vote.

I’m told Loitamoe Eripon is a talker. Atuambie alikua wapi?

That won’t happen I assure you.

We in Gilgil constituency are willing to donate one of every two police officers deployed to our every polling station so that those in Nyanza can each have extra officers to ensure delivery of material and deployment of election officials.

I’m sure many other constituencies are willing to make similar sacrifices for the sake of our brothers in Nyanza.


Can we also send Reece and GSU to ensure polls are done in Nyanza!

Most election material is delivered before the date.
Unless the wakora do not live in Kenya, they should know what’s happening and the determination to stop the election. Therefore common sense should prevail.

Eh? You in Gilgil? Okay…

Common sense and Wakoras, are mutually exclusive . If common sense prevailed upon SCoK, we eont be here.

Correct. In the above case iebc even used a chopper to try and reach the voter. An election can be nullified if there was no accessibility, but turning up to vote is a viter’s discretion

This reminds me the referendum of 2005 where I was a presiding officer of a polling station with 18 registered voters. By the end of the day, only 4 voters had cast the vote. The other voters had to be searched personally by whichever means possible using all available resources.we managed to get one thru mobile and he promised to come the following day very early. Total votes cast were 5. The celebration by the "NO* team was out of this world coz of that " landslide " victory.


Like they’ve ensured there is peaceful demonstration?