This statement is very true!


Its also NOT anti prayer as most fools might think.
Genuine men of God teach something similar. I.e don’t just pray, go out and work.



Words I live by.

Yes ata bible imasema faith without action is death

If you do not work, do not eat… Or something along those lines

Yes that too

I know a family that prayed for their folk when they fell ill,a simple doctor’s action could have saved the life,but they insisted on the blood of jisas and what a horrific way to go,dying while your brainless family is looking at you fading away shouting incantations rebuking satan,dont know how he got dragged into that? i digress

Faith without action is dead in itself.
He who doesn’t work shouldn’t eat.
A little slumber and poverty comes upon you.
-wise quotes from Bible

Very cheeky of believers in God and religious people. Always playing it safe by betting on any which way. And even if all ways fail there is always that clever run-to quip, it wasn’t God’s will!

Pathetic atheist

I know of many people of a certain community that lost a loved one because they first tried “daktari wa kienyeji”. A neighbour of mine despite being educated and working for a blue chip company recently had a daktari wa kienyeji intervene in her child’s well-being.

Quoting the Bible, you should know the truth and the truth will set you free!