This should be the beginning of the end of religion huku Kenya.

Akina Yohann Krapf wakileta Christianity huku, Darwin alikuwa anacircle the world akifinalize theory ya evolution. While our great grand parents were just learning Christianity, watu kule kina Krapf walikuwa wametoka walikuwa wanaanza kumove on to thinking about the world for themselves.

Dunia sisi huishi leo, ata pope amekubali evolution. Pope amekubali pia big bang. Watu wameendelea walianza kwanza na kujua religion is a dead end. It leads nowhere.

Sijaanza ata kugusa Islam kwa hiyo story. Sisi wote tuanza tu mdogo kutafuta material solutions for material problems.

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True, the atheists seem to be doing just fine without God in their lives. Religious people tend to be involved in so much drama.

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Dini hapa kenya ni kama social security za majuu vile huku gava haiprovide…ukiwa mgonjwa unaenda church wanakufanyia harambee…ukitaka kusoma unaenda church then baadaye wanakusponsor…ukikufa wanaorganise mazishi yako…ukiwa na shida za madawa za kulevya au pombe pia wakusaidia…vitu zote gava inafaa kufanya…in exchange unatoa sadaka…hizi story zingine sijui evolution na kadhalika kwa watu wengi haziexist


Juu watu hawajui ama hawa-acknowledge si kumaanisha haziexist. Hiyo ni kama kukataa mvua inanyesha nje useme haiexist.

Hapo hakuna kitu watu hawawezi ungana wafanye wakishakubali hakuna mkono itatoka kwa hewa iwafanyie. Badala ya kupatana kila wiki wanadiscuss ideas zimeexpire, wakapatana wabonge vitu zinake actual sense, hawataahitaji usaidizi for much longer.

Hapo ndio tunafaa ku-aim, si kila mtu akuwe na social security, ni kila mtu aweze kuishi bila.

social security namaanisha state pension, housing benefits free health care ya wazee etc…maneno ya existence or non existence ya mungu tulidiscuss hapa sometimes back na tuka conclude kywa we live in a free country kila mtu aamini anachotaka…ama asiamini…

yeah…it is only watu wenye akili ndogo ambao hupigana kwa sababu ya dini not knowing they are fighting for the same supreme being.

Pope is not God and secondly we all have a free will to believe in God or not it is an individual not society decision.

Is it? What do you call killing nonbelievers? Or do you think the Christians and the Jews never had their massacres? Do you know of the civil war that was raging in Ireland less than 10 years ago over protestants and Catholics? Do you know about the crusades? Do you know that even the conversion of our great grandparents to Christianity, that they then passed down to us, was forceful?

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Its one thing to be religious and another to be godly…God cannot (in my view) be contained in a religion…He is superior. It is human understanding that is the problem.

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You cannot rely on the understanding of cows. We only have human understanding. Na ikisema the theory of God does not make sense and is a lie made up for children then it does not make sense and is a lie made up for children. Like Santa Claus.

This is what I call fence sitting. You dont want to be associated with something you deem mediocre or stupid, yet you fear rejecting its core idea. Thats low. its called pussy strolling.

Religion is in direct conflict with the scientific method. People are slowly putting religion in its place, and it’s going down with a bang. It is becoming more evident that in a world where only material advantage matters, the scientific method is the solution to many problems. Sadly, religion and superstition are for pussy kickers who have given up on life here, and are hoping for a better life after this, but are never decided on whether life here is worth anything or not. They are not willing to admit that this is the only proven life we have as fucked up as it is. Apparently, humans decay after death.

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There is no conflict between science and religion, and there never has been. It’s people who use one or the other to justify things that no one really understands in the first place. Science seeks to find out the how and the where, and Religion seeks out God. A scientist only uncovers what already exists or has been, and a true scientist knows that with every answer comes a thousand questions. Knowledge is infinite…you cannot exhaust it. Religion on the other hand seeks to understand God, to find peace with the creator. However God is also infinitely beyond understanding. The only way you could justify that God did not create the universe would be to successfully replicate all the observable physical phenomenon in a laboratory, and prove that it could be accomplished spontaneously without any external intervention. And even then, you would need to show that there was no other way that such phenomenon could come about. As it stands, Physics may have a theory on how matter was created, but it is yet to be replicated (although they are currently trying to do this using the LHC). Even then, the seeds for life are yet to be understood…how were the first single celled organisms formed and how did they evolve to larger organisms…Everything about life is organised and deliberate…the best term to use is Engineered. It is not an issue of Religion vs Science. Both have enough questions of their own without needing to ask of each other. A scientist does not begin their day wondereing how they can prove that Religion is false…it is not within their realm. In the same way, religion does not seek to prove that science is a hoax…in any case science is consistent with its belief in an organised creator. Religion is preoccupied with the will of God for mankind.
I am not fence sitting, I appreciate and embrace science as the language of creation, and look up in awe and wonder at the creator and pray that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

There is no heaven for anyone’s will to be done here as there. Many scientists do just that. If they stopped it is because they succeeded long ago. Darwin proved that people were not created but evolved from ape-like creatures. Almost every other claim the bible makes has been rubbished na huku Africa ndio tunavuta mkia kuelewa hivo.

Stop living in the clouds. Life happens down here on earth.

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what biblical claims in your opinion have been rubbished?

Apart from creation?

Quick google search…

Archaeology has debunked many stories in the Bible. Archeologists have discovered several ancient Mesopotamian texts that predate the ones in the Bible and tell similar superstitious stories of the origins of the universe. It has also shown us there was no Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt.

The whole story of Noah also left no record of an extinction of such a magnitude in the alleged timeframe.

Adam’s lineage to Jesus has also been dismissed. Along with the notion that there was an Adam or a garden of Eden. The first humans came from Turkana inKenya. Unaishi huku na unaskiza nonsense ya wazungu? They were black and they hunted Kenyan animals.

Then why are you here you here defending and stating “facts” about something that is infinitely beyond your understanding? What kind of fallacy is this? The burden of proof is on people who claim existence of something. Religion and science must clash and there must be debates because they all concern humans. Do you think religion operates in a vacuum so that scientists will wake up looking the other side? Do you even understand the initial ideals and goals of science and religion or you are just a follower? Ati “religion is not withing their realm.”. Why do religious people think they are in a special undebatable group? kwani religion and all its decadence is not practised on earth and within communities science is trying to enhance?