This post has no head nor tail

It is best to let you know, dear reader, that this post have no head nor tail. It is heading nowhere, just the simple musings of a lonely fellow. An exercise of a freedom to express oneself regardless of the presence of ideas or not. I write so that i may communion with those who deem it a ritual to share their thoughts in a media which is lonely, cruel and forbidding. I do so to occupy my time with a past time which is noble, enlightening and devoid of mediocrity or vice.

As my mbisha suggests, the vodka I’m taking is delightful. Every sip I take, i mumble a million thanks for this utmost luxury. For to forget the plight of so many thirsty Kenyans would be disrespectful to a higher being which has taken mercy upon me. Mercy which exempts me from the torture of starvation or the misery of unending hunger. Mercy which bestows upon me, a humble son, the small pleasures of life which many take for granted. An ice cold glass of vodka on a cold day to take away the gloom of this biting cold. A comfortable house on which to rest my weary bones after a long day of hustle. A hot shower to bathe slowly, not only to take away the dirt, but to relax muscles cramped with worry and stress. So I prefer to focus on the blessings that I have rather than dwell on the things that i desire, and lack.

Sato has been pure awesomeness, and words are insufficient at this juncture, to explain just the beauty of it all I have just finished sending in my 20th prediction on the bloody sportpesa am optimistic and hopeful good nite ya all …………………



dis poem

wanakijiji wapya kweli tumekosa hekaya kabsaa…RIP-----> RastaInParadise basi


I love nothing better than a nice piece of poetry to get me through a Horrid weekend and a Boring KTalk where Haters hate on Hekaya Tellers Yet themselves Struggle to Fathom a Hekaye to keep burning the Logs that Burn out the loneliness and Boredom that Modern life Brings.

Cheers my mate!
Nothing like a sip of Vodka to keep you warm inside!

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chunga tusije kusema but god loved you more…

Pass the courvoisier :wink:


This poem gets me thinking of what was going through his head when Muta wrote this poem.
Fuckin Genius!!!

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Muta Mbaruka ni mgiriama,
search kwa history uone

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These earlier Rastas were very much in touch with African history so i cannot dispute that he knows about the Giriama seeing the way he talks about Uhuru and all the anti colonial Rebellious movements.
Do you know that the real Rastas take wearing dreadlocks as an imitation of the Maasai Morans and some from the Mau Mau?
I love poetry and History and this is probably the best Post i have seen here in a very long time.

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Your posts are welcome…who cares if it’s hekaya? Just post we read uwes and TIG posts.:rolleyes::rolleyes:…


Hehehe well put.

Hehehe well put.

At this rate we should start a Hekaya makers protection program

Man that’s nice.

Nice read…


Mbaluka ni wa kwenu mbooni. Huyu siye. Huyu ni MutaMbaruka

Mutabaruka. Nyani haoni ngokoye.